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Pop For Coach Of The Year?

San Antonio's Head coach, Coach Popovich (AP Photo/Darren Abate)

All Odds Against Coach Popovich?

Coach Popovich, has been more than outstanding this year for the San Antonio Spurs. The team has the second best record this year in the NBA at 55-16. Their offense has been one of the most efficient in the league this regular season. The Spurs are third in the NBA in Field-Goal percentage, at a team high 47.3 percent. They are also leading the league in three-point percentage. Shooting at 39.1 percent from beyond the arc. The Spurs are lethal!

Coach Popovich has found a way to do it again, in terms of having a roster rotation of 11 players averaging 17 minutes per game. Out of the 16 man roster that coach Popovich has listed, only 3 of those players have less than a +10 in player efficiency. The Spurs have stayed strong, both at home and on the road.

The most underrated fact about the team this year has been that Popovich has seemed to have found the perfect formula to run a great offense. He has also accomplished this without a premier Point Guard. Although there is no denying that Tony Parker is to one day be in the Hall Of Fame, the veteran Point Guard is on the back side of his career in terms of statistics. Still, Popovich manages to play fundamental basketball in a run and gun league.

Depletion of players? No problem!

This season has truly put Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs to the test. In terms of injuries and the conflict the NBA and it’s fans have recently had regarding the resting of players. With injuries of Pau Gasol and Lamarcus Aldridge; their two former all-star big men, they have still gone16-6 against the top ten teams. Several ESPN experts including Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman have agreed if it wasn’t for the amazing “team” basketball that the San Antonio Spurs run, their two-way star; Kawhi Leonard would be ranked much higher in the Most Valuable Player Of The Year race.

The sky is far from the limit for Gregg Popovich and the Spurs this year, especially in the playoffs. Health is a huge concern for all the teams. The difference between San Antonio and other teams is that they can win without key players as they have shown all year while Gasol, Parker, and Aldridge have all missed multiple key games. Popovich knows how to study the enemy and make key adjustments during the post-season. The Coach Of The Year award has been narrowing down to just a few, with Brad Stevens in Boston, Mike D’Antoni in Houston, and Gregg Popovich in San Antonio being the leading candidates.

The 2017 playoffs will be the first time in almost two full decades that Gregg Popovich will be without Tim Duncan. So for him to be succeeding with this team, without Timmy D, is no less than phenomenal. The western conference playoffs will look very different this year as two teams will be making a post-season berth, that did not make it last year. All eyes will be on Popovich against the West.