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Porcello over Sale on Opening Day

Rick Porcello at practice Bryan Green- via- Flickr


John Farrell made the choice to make Rick Porcello the opening day starter, over the left handed pitcher Chris Sale. This past season Porcello proved that he could be an ace in a rotation, posting and incredible W-L% of .846 and posting a W-L of 22-4 . Which is an incredible record to have  although he he did post a 3.15 ERA also throwing three complete games. Throwing as many as men like- Kershaw, Kluber, and Nova that’s pretty elite company to be in. So could having Rick Porcello as the ace have any sort of trickle effect down through Sale and Price?


Coming off a Cy Young season with the stats he put up has to give him a certain aura to his approach. His fastball averaging at 92/93 MPH with a curve ball that starts high and drops out of thin air. I like the approach he has on the mound, it seems no matter what he always has a cool head. I think that is very important for a pitcher to have, if they have strong nerves, they can work around base runners and get the outs. Plus, he has a stellar defense behind him, with men like- Xander Bogarts, Mookie Betts, Dustin Pedroia etc. He should get plenty of run support seeing that the Red Sox had a top three offense in the league.


Prediction for Rick Porcello in 2017

It’s difficult to top winning the Cy Young and going 22-4 in the regular season. S0, how can Rick Porcello top his 2016 campaign? There really isn’t much you can improve on, even his ERA of 3.15 won’t  be a problem. For the fact that he’s going to stay hot and will be able to have a consistent ERA all season. Then I can see Porcello having a similar W-L as last season anywhere around 23-5. The ERA’s not going to be anything mind boggling anywhere from 2.50-2.70. I can definitely see a rise in strikeouts in the previous season he racked up 189 strikeouts. For 2017 Porcello is going to find a good way to mix his fastball with his curve ball. So i’m predicting 240 strikeouts on the year. Then of course, another Cy Young award.