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Possible Trades For Yankees Miller and Chapman

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Could Yankees Be Sellers? Miller, Chapman On The Move?

The price for good bullpen arms is at a premium in the majors right now. The New York Yankees have arguably the best bullpen in baseball right now.

In order to fill stops at other positions, the Yankees may be ready to part with some good bullpen arms. The two most likely candidates are southpaws Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman. Here are some possible teams that could target these two.

The Tigers, Rangers, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Marlins, Cubs and Diamondbacks all need additional bullpen help moving forward.

One trade that is stirring in the rumor mill is that New York could send Chapman or Miller or both to the Mets in exchange for a young starting pitcher. The Yankees could desperately use a starting pitcher and the Mets have plenty of it.

The Cubs could even send Kyle Schwarber or Jorge Soler for either Chapman or Miller. This would provide the Cubs with a great bullpen arm down the stretch.

As the trade deadline draws closer, it will be interesting to see where these two fine players land.