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What Teams Could Tony Romo Potentially Play For In 2017?

With the 2016 season coming to an end for the Dallas Cowboys, their 2017 offseason officially begins. It seems as though the Cowboys have found their quarterback of the future with Dak Prescott. Tony Romo is aging and may have walked off the field for the last time as a Dallas Cowboy. Dallas is likely looking to move Romo and get something in return. If they do decide to part ways with one of the franchise’s most beloved players, they might look to set him up with a realistic contender.

The best fit that immediately comes to mind when thinking about a contender is the Denver Broncos. After winning Super Bowl 50, Denver lost both of their quarterbacks in Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler. They endured a tough 2016 season with Trevor Siemian as their starting quarterback. They did trade up in the 2016 draft to select Paxton Lynch. Lynch might need some further development as an NFL quarterback.

Tony Romo is the simple short term solution for Denver. They have one of the league’s best defenses and several play makers on offense. With Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders at the wide out position, there’s plenty of receiver talent for Tony to use. C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker are two extremely talented young running backs that would provide support for Romo in the running game. Tony Romo would fit perfectly with Denver and would immediately put them near the top of the league as a championship contender.

Another spot that not many people are discussing would be in Arizona. The Cardinals have a complete team and are very close to contending for a championship as well. Carson Palmer, like Romo is aging and this past season his numbers dropped.

In 2015, Palmer threw for over 4,600 yards with 35 touchdown passes to just 11 interceptions. This season he threw for a little over 4,200 yards with 26 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions. Now i’m not trying to knock on Palmer, I like the guy, but I just feel like he’s not the player they need at that position.

With David Johnson carrying the football as well as he is for the Cardinals, he would supply Romo with a perfect situation. In 2014 when Romo led Dallas to a 12-4 record, he had his best season due to an outstanding rushing attack.

The Arizona offense has many weapons that Romo would love to have. The Cardinals have an athletic receiving group and with Romo they would be able to move the ball with ease offensively. The Cardinals‘ defense is very stout as well and will provide the offense with many opportunities.

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The Minnesota Vikings provide an interesting spot for Romo. Like the Cardinals, the Vikings contain a very talented defense and still have Adrian Peterson carrying the rock. They aren’t as appealing as the Cardinals, however I feel like Minnesota is a more realistic option. I say this because the Vikings showed last summer that they are willing to trade draft picks for instant success.

The Vikings have a talented roster all around and maybe Tony Romo can be the guy to put them over the edge. They can compete with anyone with their elite defense and offensive weapons. Romo would bond well with the Vikings‘ receiving group. With a young Laquon Treadwell at wide receiver, a guy who possesses similar traits to Dez Bryant, Romo might be able to establish some early chemistry.

The New York Jets have to at least be thinking about Tony Romo. I think this would be a good fit as well. The Jets have great talent on the offensive side of the ball with their receivers and running backs. Due to dreadful quarterback play, the Jets suffered this season. Making a move for Romo could make them a very lethal offense.

Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker provide two big and strong receivers for Romo to find down field. They acquired Matt Forte last season and so there is some solid talent there. The Jets‘ defense isn’t great, but with a good draft, they could a stronger defense and contend with consistent quarterback play.

Another team in the AFC East that Tony Romo could potentially call his home would be in Buffalo. The Bills look like they might have lost some faith in Tyrod Taylor. He finished the 2016 season with some shaky and inconsistent numbers. The Bills fired Rex Ryan and are seemingly looking for a fresh start.

The Bills have a talented offense as well. Tony Romo would be handing the ball off to his former divisional rival in LeSean McCoy. The explosive back would supply Romo once again with a strong rushing attack. Sammy Watkins provides a deep threat to spread the field and would give Romo a dangerous weapon in the passing game.

One final contending team that I can see Tony Romo landing with is the Kansas City Chiefs. This one’s a bit more far fetched than the others, but who knows what will happen. The Chiefs have struggled to win big games with their current quarterback, Alex Smith. Now I know Romo isn’t known for winning big games or playoff games. The thing is, in Dallas he’s never had a strong supporting defense or even an above average one.

With the talent that Kansas City has on the defensive side of the ball, they don’t need to score 30 points to win games. Tony Romo is the guy who can make their offense scary and lethal. He can stretch the field and make throws that Alex Smith simply isn’t capable of. Romo would turn a simple offense into a complex system for defenses to handle.

You provide Romo with a strong defense, an efficient running game, and solid offensive weapons, he can and will deliver. The Chiefs need to look into a possible trade as Alex Smith isn’t getting them anywhere. Tony Romo can be the player to propel them to the next level and compete in the AFC.

Tony Romo is hungry for more football. He’s one of the most competitive guys I’ve ever seen take the field. It’s very unlikely he will remain a Cowboy and these are the few teams that might have some interest in him. He can still go out there and ball out and make plays for his team. The only question is who will take the gamble on Tony Romo and who has faith in what he can provide?