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Predicting Next Seasons All-Stars

photo by Starch6755 on Flickr.


Barring injuries, there will be major stars left out of next years all-star games, for both conferences. I know every season we have a couple guys get snubbed, but I think their could be a bunch from each conference who deserve to be all-stars but don’t get it.

I’m gonna list mine from each conference, along with snubs. Lets go over the ASG qualifications first.  Starters are voted by fans, reserves voted by coaches. Starters must include 2 backcourt players and 3 front court. Reserves follow the same rule, but also have 2 wildcards that can be from any position.



G- Kyrie Irving

G- Dwyane Wade

F- Paul George

F- Carmelo Anthony

F- LeBron James


F- Jimmy Butler

F- Kevin Love

C- Andre Drummond

G- John Wall

G- DeMar Derozan

G- Isaiah Thomas

C- Dwight Howard

Biggest snubs: Kyle Lowry, Kristaps Porzingis, Hassan Whiteside, Chris Bosh.

Now ill explain where I think its needed, the starters are self-explanatory. I think Kevin Love will be as confident as ever coming into this season and will pick up his consistency which will get him selected. Dwight Howard pretty much as free rein in Atlanta, which should give him the boost of play he needs to be dominant again, while he still can be. Why don’t I have Lowry making it? I don’t think he’ll have better seasons than Derozan, Wall, Thomas, or Howard..but if someone’s injured, he’ll be the first to get the call to replace them.

Now, lets look at the West


G- Russell Westbrook

G- Steph Curry

F- Kawhi Leonard

F- Kevin Durant

F- Blake Griffin


G- Damian Lillard

G- James Harden

F/C- Anthony Davis

F/C- Karl Anthony Towns

F/C- LaMarcus Aldridge

C- Demarcus Cousins

G- Chris Paul

Biggest snubs: Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, CJ McCollum, Deandre Jordan.

Yes, with Durant’s arrival I don’t have Klay or Dray as all-stars unless injuries are a factor. They won’t be able to have free rein like they did last year, which should lower their impact on the game, while guys from other teams thrive.

These are my all-stars for next season, do you agree? Leave a comment and tell me your picks.