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Projecting The Future Of The Chicago Bears – TSJ101

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The Short-Term and Long-Term Future of the Chicago Bears

Multiple sources, including Benjamin Albright, have been reporting that the Eagles are looking for a receiver before the NFL Trade Deadline.  One of their targets is Chicago Bears star WR Alshon Jeffery, and Chicago is reportedly looking for a mid-round pick.  While I think trading away one of the only great draft picks for the Bears in the past few years for only a mid-round pick is a terrible decision, I am only investigating the impact of such a move and what the future would hold for a Jeffery-less Bears team.


If the Bears do indeed trade Jeffery, it will be hard for the offense not to become absolutely horrid.  According to, the offense is the second least-efficient in the league only to Baltimore, although admittedly this is mostly due to the rushing offense.  The passing offense is actually only the 9th-worst in the NFL.  However, losing the only big playmaker on the receiving corp. and the player with the seventh most receiving yards in the league will be fatal for an offense that is already dead last in points.  Without Jeffery, teams will not have to double a receiver anymore, which means defenses now have an extra guy to work with.  I don’t even want to watch how the offense fares when that happens.

Morale is also an issue to consider.  Compounded with a 1-6 start, it most likely will not be pretty to watch players react to the team trading away their best player.  Even if Jeffery stays, there’s no signs of anything to completely reverse the cycle of the offense.  Cutler coming back will help (yes, it WILL help, and he IS the best quarterback on the Bears), but there’s just not much life in this offense.

Overall, there is not a lot to look forward to this season, even if Jeffery stays.  The killer for the entire season was the absolutely disgusting collapse against Jacksonville.  Even as a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, I only see a few winnable games for the rest of the year, especially if the offensive output doesn’t improve and Jeffery goes.


Thankfully, the long-term future is much brighter for Chicago.  If they continue to struggle this season, they will finish with a very low record and will obtain a very high draft pick as a result.  The timing is excellent, too, because if they want to end their partnerhsip with Cutler or at least prepare a signal caller, there are plenty of high-quality ones in this draft.  Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer and Clemson QB DeShaun Watson highlight the class, but it is loaded this year.

Even if they don’t want a future QB, they can draft plenty of other playmakers, such as Michigan State DT Malik McDowell, Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett, or Alabama DE/DT Jonathan Allen, all of whom seem to be franchise cornerstones at first glance.  In summary, this draft class is stacked, and the Bears should have a high pick in it, and that means they can grab whoever they feel is best for the franchise between loads of great options.  Hopefully, they will make a couple other nice loadouts in future drafts, and in just a couple years the Bears can turn themselves right around.

If Chicago fans can get themselves through 2016 alive, they will find much greener pastures ahead, possibly lead by a new-age quarterback replacing Jay Cutler.