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Red Sox ALDS Rotation

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                                 Red Sox ALDS Rotation

The Red Sox ALDS rotation has been somewhat set in place. The Red Sox will start the first game of a 5 game series against the Houston Astros today. Having Chris Sale get the start for game 1 seems like the most obvious decision, at a time where there are many difficult decisions. The Red Sox have also named their game 2 starter in Drew Pomeranz. This may come as a bit of a shock to most people, who probably didn’t even think of Pomeranz getting the ball in game 2 of the ALDS. Tonight’s start for Sale will be a big one, for he has to go up against the seasoned vet, Justin Verlander. With Pomeranz facing off against Dallas Keuchel. These first two game will be the most important, and I feel comfortable knowing who the Sox have on the mound.


What about the rest of the rotation? Porcello, Price and Fister. Who will start what game, and who will even make a start. If the series come to a final game 5, the Sox probably pitch Sale on short rest, which would leave an odd man out.


Game 3 starter-Rick Porcello

I believe Rick Porcello will get the game 3 start over Price and Fister. Price for the simple reason of his injury filled season. I can see the Sox trying to stay away from him as much as possible to prevent a probable injury. Porcello didn’t have quite the year he had last year. Posting a 4.65 ERA and going a complete 180 compared to last season with a W-L of 11-17. The WHIP didn’t fair any better either going to a 1.40 but was able to pitch over 200 innings, which shows durability. Porcello doesn’t have very much postseason experience. Posting a 5.66 ERA going 0-3 in 20.2 IP. Starting Porcello worries me a little, if it wasn’t for Prices injury I wouldn’t be putting him in game 3.


Game 4 starter(If Necessary) Doug Fister

This one took some time for me to think about. Looking at Fisters postseason stats, they definitely looks a lot better than Prices postseason numbers. Going 4-2 with a 2.60 ERA in 55.1 IP, although the WHIP could look better sitting at an unsettling 1.27. Fister could be someone good to have in game 4 (if necessary) which could more likely than not be a deciding game for either club.


Game 5(If Necessary) David Price

This one hurts a little, having to put David Price in a playoff rotation. He hasn’t fared very well in any of his postseason appearances. Going an ugly 2-8 with an even uglier 5.54 ERA with a WHIP of 1.23. I don’t feel very comfortable with David Price if it were to come to a game 5. With that being said if this series were to come to a game 5, it wouldn’t be to wild to think about pitching Sale or Pomeranz on short rest in what would obviously be a pivotal game 5.


So, there you have it, my thoughts on what the Red Sox ALDS rotation will look like for the rest of the series after games 1 and 2.