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Replacing David Ortiz

Mitch Moreland caitlinwright


Having to find a player to replace David Ortiz, is one of the hardest questions I have ever had the pleasure to try and answer. There weren’t many choices for the Red Sox to choose from, the highest targeted first baseman being Mike Napoli. Who went to the Texas Rangers on a one year $8.5 million deal. So, here comes the next best option in former Texas Ranger, Mitch Moreland. Coming off one of his best seasons Mitch Moreland agreed  with the Red Sox on a one year, $5.5 million deal. In the previous season, Moreland is coming off one of  his more productive years. Showing a good amount of power with 22 home runs, 60 Runs Batted In. He didn’t have a very impressive average on the season, only hitting .233.


Why Mitch Moreland fits in so well with the Red Sox

Mitch Moreland is still a young player entering his sixth season, he fits in with the group of young players in the organization. Moreland also has good second deck power, that the Sox can really benefit from. He also has the ability to get base hits judging by his .317 BABIP, which was a career high for him in 2016. In 2016 Moreland had another career high with 50 XBH. Which is another thing the Red Sox led the league in last year with 368 in total. Even though he isn’t David Ortiz, Moreland has the ability to make the Red Sox a juggernaut.


Defensively Mitch Moreland is a brilliant defense-man proving it by posting a .998 FPCT . Which he tied for first with Adrian Gonzales and Yadier Molina. He also posts one of the higher rang factors in the league with a 7.92. Which could really make the Red Sox a defensive juggernaut especially with Chris Sale and Rick Porcello pitching.  One other thing that Moreland has that most defenders lack in today’s game is heads up defense. Most players don’t think about certain defensive situations they just catch the ball and throw it back in. With Moreland you get the heads up defense, knowing where the ball has to go every time. He may not be big Papi but he will add some firepower to an already dangerous team.