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Rex Ryan Fired

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Rex Ryan Fired as Buffalo Bills Head Coach

With one more win Rex Ryan would have been the first Buffalo Bills coach to post back-to-back .500 seasons.  That was not to be, on Tuesday Ryan became the next coach to get thrown off the coaching carousel.  He will be replaced by the Bills Offensive Coordinator Anthony Lynn, who will take over on an interim basis.

There is one good side to this for Rex Ryan.  He was still under his 5-year contract with 3 years left to go.  He is scheduled to receive 5.5 million per season for the next three years.  Joining Rex on the firing squad was his brother, the defensive coördinator of the Bills Rob Ryan.  Rob Ryan was brought in to help solidify the Bills defense, but had an inability to stop the running game.

Rex joined the Buffalo Bills in January of 2015 after going 4 straight seasons without reaching the playoffs with the Jets.  The playoff drought for Rex Ryan continued in Buffalo as he watched his team fail the last two years to reach the playoffs.  The Buffalo Bills have now went 17 seasons without a playoff appearance and Ownership is now tasked with the chore of finding the coach that can get them back.

Candidates For the Job

So let the rumor mill begin.  Who are some possible candidates for this struggling franchise?  There are several intriguing names that are already being mentioned across social media sites.

Tom Coughlin, former Giants/Jaguars Head Coach

  • Coughlin is rumored to be heading back to Jacksonville to finish up his career, but at the age of 71 he mind find the Buffalo job to be a quicker turn around than the Jaguars.

Jim Bob Cooter, Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator

  • This might be a perfect fit for the Bills.  Everything about Cooter screams of the opposite of Ryan.  He is just 32 years old and is rising among the ranks of potential head coaches.  He has helped lead the Lions back into a chase for the Division title.

Josh McDaniels, Patriots Offensive Coordinator

  • This might be the hardest sell of all potential coaches.  Being able to lure McDaniels away from Bill Belichick is never an easy venture to take on.  However, if they can lure him with the potential to face his Mentor head on, there might be a slim chance.

College Coaches

James Franklin, Penn State Head Coach

  • Franklin is one of those coaches that is in high demand across the league as a potential Head Coach in the league.  What better place for him to land than on a team owned by fellow alumnus Terry Pegula who also was a Penn State grad.

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan University Head Coach

  • There is absolutely no evidence to back up that the Bills are considering him for the job, but based on past events we might as well add his name to the list as a candidate for the job.


The Bills have a long road ahead of them to get back to the greatness they once knew in the 90’s.  Now they are faced with the first task at hand that will define the direction they are wanting to go.  They must now find a new head coach.