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Rondo Shows Commitment in Short Time with Bulls

Rondo Mark Runyon via Flikr


Rajon Rondo’s move to the Chicago Bulls has been met with a lot of negativity, but he is looking to prove the doubters wrong and show his commitment to the team as well as the city.

NBA fan bases are loud and passionate in their support of their respective teams. That passion sometimes means quick judgments on certain team decisions or acquisitions. When the Chicago Bulls signed Rajon Rondo, the reactions of fans and journalists were mostly negative.

There were questions about his shooting, his age and his past injuries. Rondo, though, is looking to gain some respect from Bulls fans before he even steps on the court.

The four-time NBA All-Star commonly holds youth basketball camps in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, but this year he wanted to reach out to kids in Chicago.

Rondo invited a group of middle school-age boys from Jensen Scholastic Academy in Chicago to dinner in an attempt to keep them from the violence and crime that is common in their area. He posted an image on his Instagram account:

Rondo held this event before he had even signed with the Bulls, and now that he will be playing in Chicago, this most likely won’t be his last attempt to help mentor the city’s youth.

The Bulls‘ new point guard is also showing his commitment to the team by practicing with the Summer League team and attending their games in an attempt to familiarize himself with his younger teammates and some of the coaching staff.

The Bulls confirmed this via Twitter:

All of this, along with the fact that he has been working with Jimmy Butler and his trainer, Travelle Gaines, should endear him to Bulls fans before he even steps on the court.

Rondo squashed speculation that he may clash with the Bulls other stars such as Butler and new signing, Dwayne Wade. During an interview with ESPN, Rondo stated that the team now has “three alphas”, but understands that Chicago is “Jimmy’s [Butler’s] team”.

The skepticism from Bulls’ fans is understandable. After the team traded away hometown hero Derrick Rose, there was no real replacement, with the most likely candidate being Jose Calderon who was received in the Rose deal. Chicago’s signing of Rondo came almost unexpectedly, but despite the negativity and doubt, he is the most viable option to replace the departing Rose. Calderon was traded to the Lakers to make room for the Bulls‘ signing of Wade.

Given all that Rondo has done in his short time as a Chicago Bull, it seems as though he wants to prove that he can be a feasible replacement of Rose. He is committed to working and improving on the court, but he is also making a name for himself in the community which can go a long way with the fans.

With a lot of negativity due to the departures from the team this off-season, Rondo and Wade, who is from Chicago, both want to see the Bulls have a successful season and prove that they, along with Butler, can form a true “big three” and even compete with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference.