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Roush Fenway Return Unlikely For Buescher In 2017



2 weeks ago, Chris Buescher scored the most unlikely of victories, riding a gamble to his first career Sprint Cup Series win at Pocono Raceway. As is often the case with such scenarios, the rumors about his future began almost immediately.

To be fair, most surprise winners do in fact go on to bigger things rather quickly. Trevor Bayne parlayed his stunning Daytona 500 win into a ride at Roush Fenway Racing. Brad Keselowski grabbed an upset triumph at Talladega and grabbed a seat in the legendary blue deuce at Team Penske shortly thereafter. So the rumor mill may not always be accurate, but it does follow a rather predictable pattern.

Chris Buescher drove for Roush Fenway Racing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, bringing the organization the 2015 drivers’ championship. His current team, Front Row Motorsports, has a technical alliance with Roush. So naturally, speculation about a possible reuniting of the two familiar parties seems well founded. After all, he now has more wins this season than all three of Roush Fenway’s current drivers have in the past 3 years combined.

However, Roush Fenway Racing president Steve Newmark said while unexpected, the win hasn’t changed the organization’s plans for 2017. “I don’t think that particular win monumentally changes the direction that we want to go with him”, Newmark said. “Our hope is to be in a position at some point to bring Chris back into Roush Fenway equipment at the Cup level. Right now we’ve got a great partnership with Front Row. I think they were excited that that possibility was available because we felt that Chris was ready to get to the Cup level after his Xfinity championship last year and thought that would be really good experience. And it’s proven to be that.”

There is no timetable, according to Newmark, as to exactly when Buescher may return to a Roush seat in the Sprint Cup Series.

“We don’t have that mapped out exactly and we’ll kind of see how it plays out. We’ll sit down with Front Row, with Ford each year as we go through this to kind of see what the right plan is for the following year.”

It’s clear Chris Buescher is in the long term plan at Roush Fenway. But as for the short term, it appears he will remain in the 34 Ford for the foreseeable future.