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Rumors Tease Shield vs. Bullet Club


Rumors Tease Shield vs. Bullet Club

Big rumors are circulating around these days, after Roman Reigns recaptured the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H at WrestleMania 32 this past Sunday. These rumors started to make the rounds as soon as RAW ended, after AJ Styles won a fatal four-way to determine the new Number 1 Contender for the title.

It is believed that the title match will take place at the upcoming Payback PPV, which is slated for May 1st, but the news isn’t just the match itself, according to a report by inquisitr, the match is going to possibly lead to a feud between fan fav stables The Bullet Club, and a reformed Shield.

That’s right, The Shield is apparently making a return, but, they will not be faces, no, part of the rumor is that Reigns will eventually turn heel, and with a returning Seth Rollins coming back into the fold in the company, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to see Dean Ambrose joining up with the two of them, especially with the rumors from months ago that were going around with the company teasing a turn for Ambrose.

Now, fans have been patiently awaiting the arrival of The Bullet Club for some time now, and with how rumors are, there have been some rumblings of one variation of the group coming into the company here and there, but, with AJ’s win this past Monday, it looks as if it’ll become a reality.

The WWE teased the possibility of an AJ/Reigns feud back in January, when, at the Royal Rumble, Styles debuted at number 3, and spent a good portion of the match going toe to toe with Reigns. Fans were salivating at the potential of an AJ/Reigns match, and the Rumble did a great job at teasing it.

AJ winning the big match on Monday, which had Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens and Cesaro (who made his official return that night), brought about a huge deal for the Superstar who has only been with the company officially for two and a half months, and with fellow BC members Karl Anderson and a returning Doc Gallows (both of whom were backstage at RAW on Monday), it’s a safe bet that they will be going directly to the main roster, and not starting off in NXT.

“Pro Wrestling Mag” believes that they will show up during the title match and help AJ win, which may cause Reigns to finally turn heel, which many in the industry have been waiting to see happen, and will cause him to reach out to some old friends in his war against BC. Of course, he’s still connected to Ambrose, who, after his loss to Brock Lesnar at Mania, seems to be in all kinds of weird sorts, and could eventually just lose it, and revert to being a “Hound of Justice”.

Add in Seth Rollins, who might feel slighted by The Authority’s attempts to recruit Reigns as their replacement champion after he was injured, and you will have something the fans can rally behind again. Of course, “Pro Wrestling Mag” feels that this is an inevitability that these two groups will feud, which will greatly entertaining for the fans to watch, and depending on the build up, could be a runaway success, or a monumental disaster.

Should The Shield reform, it may take some of the heat away from Reigns, even though he’s supposed to be getting it as a heel, but, it would provide some breathing room for him and the company. The original belief was that Finn Balor was supposed to get the call up after NXT Takeover: Dallas, as it was believed that he would drop the title to Samoa Joe in the main event. However, with him retaining, it is believed that it will be Joe getting the call up instead.

Balor was expected to bring his “Balor Club” up to the main roster, though, it looks as if he will stay with NXT for a bit longer. And with the main roster debuts of Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Apollo Crews, and Baron Corbin, many felt that Balor should have made the jump, as well.

But, don’t count Balor out just yet, he may make a main roster debut in the future, especially since the rumors of the brand extension looks to be happening, with Vince McMahon giving Shane McMahon control of Monday Night Raw this week, which means that NXT could very well become the third brand, much like ECW was years ago.

Should THAT happen, then having Balor as champion would prove for a strong leader in the NXT roster. But, he could eventually join Styles, Anderson and Gallows later on, and make the group an even stronger force on the main roster. Never count anything out in the WWE, because with them, quite literally, anything can happen.

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