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Russell Westbrook’s Rage is the Best Kind of Rage

Westbrook Michael Chamberlain/ via Flickr



A bad breakup, being snubbed or getting rejected can make people feel various type of emotions. Whether it be anger or jealousy, they can motivate and hurt that person being spurned. For Russell Westbrook, the Kevin Durant departure has fuelled him with motivation and rage. It is simply awesome and the UCLA product makes every Thunder game must see television.

Stats never lie and  #0’s stat’s are stupid good. He is averaging 30 points, 10.6 assists and 10.4 rebounds. Westbrook could’ve pouted about the loss of a former MVP and basically being told he wasn’t good enough. Instead he could become the first player to average a triple double since Oscar Robertson and that’s  insane. It’s remarkable what he’s been able to do in today’s league with scouting reports being so in depth and amount of lockdown defenders.


What he has been able to do with the Thunder as a whole has been more impressive than his individual performance.  They are 25-19 and seventh in the Western Conference. He gets everyone involved and sure he gets his shots up but the players around him are getting buckets. Victor Oladipo, Enes Kanter and Steven Adams are all averaging over double digits. He has a team in playoff position who just lost a top five player in the league.

The 28-year old’s attitude towards the Durant situation is what is most impressive. He doesn’t care if he takes a cheap shot whether it be on or off the court. He’ll find a way to dunk on you and get revenge. Sure the Golden State Warriors have destroyed #ThunderUp Nation in their past two matchups but it’s dramatic and exciting to see two former teammates who clearly don’t like each other go at it. Russ can come off as arrogant and not give a damn about anything about himself. It’s not true as he is known as an awesome teammate and even better around the community. He was scorned by a friend and teammate. He can be as pissed off as he wants and it results in the NBA benefiting from his rage.

He is the front-runner to win MVP and he should be. The more mad and motivated Westbrook is, the more posters and highlights the NBA will get. Sure OKC fans want to see that highlight of Russ hoisting the Larry O’Brien Trophy but the Thunder are in a makeshift rebuild. They have good role players but they’ll need to add another star to compete with the likes of the Warriors, Spurs or  Cavaliers. Blake Griffin could be that missing piece for Westbrook and OKC but thats’s a discussion for another time. Right now every fan in the NBA should embrace the rage of Westbrook and watch him absolutely dominate.

More reason to rage

Here I am writing an article about how Westbrook has benefited form his rage this season when the news breaks that will give him a new chip on his shoulder.  Today the starters for the NBA All-Star game were announced and guess whose name wasn’t on the list?  That’s right the fans voted for Stephen Curry over Westbrook to take the starting position at point guard.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this motivate Westbrook to not only take the All-Star game MVP, but show the fans and the league that he does not like to be snubbed.  The rest of this season is going to be interesting and we will see if the Thunder can benefit more from this rage.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the show, because Russell Westbrook is about to Rage on to a whole new level.