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San Diego Chargers Fans Have To Remain Postive – Week 4 Recap

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Another devastating loss Sunday afternoon has Chargers fans restless. But, there are still some reasons to be positive.

For starters, the Chargers could easily be 4-0. That’s the main positive here. In week 1, San Diego gave up a three possession lead in the 2nd half and lost to Kansas City in overtime. In week 3, the Chargers allowed Andrew Luck to drive down and score on them with under 2 minutes remaining, only for rookie Hunter Henry to fumble near field goal range on the following possession.

Then, Week 4 came. The Chargers were up by 13 points and had the ball with 5 minutes remaining. Melvin Gordon fumbles. The Saints score a touchdown. Travis Benjamin fumbles on the next offensive play. The Saints score a touchdown. Then, Rivers throws his first interception of the season to seal the loss. It was another awful tasting loss for San Diego, but also another positive loss, if you really think about it. In fact, San Diego is the only team this season to lose after being up by 13 in the fourth quarter, and they’ve done it twice. The rest of the league is 25-0 in that situation, as per Pro Football Focus.

Not knowing how to win the close games has become a real problem for the Chargers, but it has to be a positive that they’re keeping every game close. This team could just as easily be undefeated as they could be 1-3. The end of the games have not gone the Chargers way. It really is unfortunate because their record indicates all negatives, but there is a lot to be positive about going forward.

If San Diego could just find a way to hold on to their leads in the fourth quarter, they would be a great team. It’s still great that they’re keeping up with teams without their star receiver and one of their most important offensive pieces in Danny Woodhead.

The Denver Broncos sit at 4-0 at the top of the division, and the Oakland Raiders are 3-1. San Diego will travel to Oakland to try and gain some relevance in the division next week, and Chargers fans can only pray there isn’t another disappointment after a positive game through three quarters.