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Sasha Banks Medically Cleared To Wrestle

Trayon Hutchinson, via Flickr.


Sasha Banks Medically Cleared To Wrestle

Reports are swirling that WWE Superstar, “The Boss” Sasha Banks, has been medically cleared to compete again, and may be in action as early as this weekend, where she is believed to be working shows in Winnipeg, Canada and LaCrosse, WI.

Banks had been on the injured list since May 15th, after suffering what was believed to be a concussion during a show in Charlottesville, VA, due to human error, after the referee of her match kneed her on the head during a six-person tag match. The match was apparently bad enough that it was believed to put the plans for SummerSlam in jeopardy.

Originally reported by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer, her status for the coming months leading up to SummerSlam were in question, so much so that even WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon had his doubts about her. Said Meltzer originally about her injury:

“She’s hurt. It’s a significant thing. As far as how long … the [injury] they were keeping secret before was a knee [injury]. WWE … They’ll tell you some injuries and then others, they don’t want you to know. That’s the deal.

But there’s no way of knowing right now what her status is. Obviously, Charlotte and Sasha were supposed to wrestle in Brooklyn for SummerSlam this year. It’s months away, so there’s still a very good chance that that’s going to happen. But you just never know with a concussion.”

The knee injury was one that had happened sometime in January, and was supposedly denied by Banks on social media. However, the news of her being cleared to wrestle should have let those in WWE Creative, as well as those in the front office breathe a sigh of relief, although, they will only be able to tell after the shows on Saturday (Winnipeg) and Sunday (LaCrosse).

Should she be able to get through those matches this weekend, expect to see her on TV in the coming weeks.

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Photo by Trayon Hutchinson, via Flickr.

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