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Seattle Surging

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 Seattle Surging

When it comes to the American League Wild card race, we continue to hear talk about the Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays or the Detroit Tigers, but there is one team that has quietly climbed back into the discussion.  The Seattle Mariners are one of the hottest teams in baseball right now.  They have now won eight straight games and find themselves sitting just 1.5 games back of the final AL Wild Card spot.

As a fan of the Mariners you have experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions that this would be the year they break their 15 year playoff drought and then watch them stumble and seem to be out of it again.  However, the Mariners are surging now and have managed to get their fans blood pressure back up as they are making a final playoff push in these final 2 weeks of the season.

Over their current 8 game winning streak the Mariners have outscored their opponents 52-15.  This sudden bombardment of runs is something the Seattle Fans have grown used to seeing from time to time.  The problem so far this year though for the M’s is not scoring runs.  They are 7th in the AL in runs scored with 698 runs scored.  The problem so far has been their inconsistency to score runs and keep their opponents from scoring runs.  The Mariners have played in 51 one run games this season and have won just over half of them with 26.  They are the second worst team in the Majors when it comes to winning games in which they lead after the 8th inning.  They have 22 blown saves so far this season thus far.

Some keys to the Mariners being able to make the playoffs, hinge around Felix Hernandez, Edwin Diaz and Kyle Seager.  The Mariners are praying that King Felix can continue to stay hot as they near the end of the season.  He has won 7 of his last ten games and 5 out of his last six.  When Hernandez takes the mound the Mariners need to count on him to be the pitcher he has been lately.

Another player that is crucial to the M’s success is the performance of Rookie Closer Edwin Diaz.  As the team has seen so many games slip away in the last inning, they hope to see Diaz be the shutdown guy that he has been since filling that role for the team in early August.

The Mariners are also counting on Kyle Seager to get hot again.  Over the last 6 games Seager has really began to struggle.  He is 3 for his last 25 with 2 home runs.  Although the M’s have been able to win while Seager hit a little slump, they will still need him to be the middle of the line-up guy that helps carry them to wins.

One other thing that is crucial for Seattle; they need a little help from some other teams.  With Detroit just a half game ahead of them and Toronto 1.5 games up, they need some other teams to do well.  The Tigers still have to face the Twins for 4 games, Royals for 3 games, Indians for 7 games and the Braves for 3 games.  If the Indians can do their part and maybe the Twins or the Braves perform well, this would really help the Mariners to jump past Detroit in the standings.

The Mariners still have a chance to control their own destiny too.  They will face the Houston Astros six more times, Blue Jays 3 games, Twins 3 games and the Oakland A’s 2 more times.  So with a little help from the Twins, Braves and Indians and good performances from their own team, the Mariners could climb their way into that last Wild Card spot.

For now though the Mariner faithful can only sit back and hope that their beloved Mariners can break this playoff drought that has gone on for way to long.  The good thing for the Mariners is they believe they can do it and Seager made that very clear on Wednesday night after the game.


“This environment is really special right now.  It starts with skip.  He’s built this culture, and this is a lot of fun and there’s a lot of belief here.  We’re not stressing.  That’s the big thing.  That’s something that’s been very refreshing.  It’s been a fun, clean, enjoyable environment.  When your having fun, you’re going to play better.  And when you play better, you win.  So it works out.” said Kyle Seager


So lets just hope for the Seattle Mariners fans that the fun continues, because there is nothing more fun than watching your team win.