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Should Dallas Play Tony Romo in Week 17?

Will Cowboys play it safe with Romo? PAUL MOSELEY VIA FLICKR


Will Cowboys Play It Safe With Romo Week 17?

The Cowboys have a dilemma this upcoming week against the Eagles. By now, there is no controversy on who should or who will start for the Cowboys. The question about Tony Romo is if Dallas should play him in Philadelphia, or play it safe. There has been a lot of talk about Romo being traded following this season. If that’s the case, then there are some good reasons as to why or why not the Cowboys should play Tony Romo this week.

Here are a three reasons why the Cowboys should play Tony Romo this week.

Reason number one: Increase Trade Value

The Cowboys seem like they plan on sticking with Dak Prescott as their guy for the time being and for the future. If they really intend on moving on from Romo and trading him, they mise well give teams a reason to trade for him. He hasn’t played this season due to recovering from an injury and the success of Prescott.

Romo is said to be fully healthy and the Cowboys could increase his trade value by playing him in an intense environment this week. If he goes out there and performs well, that will create a lasting image in several teams’ minds and could positively increase their value on the quarterback.

Reason number two: Preparation

The Cowboys would want a backup quarterback to be prepared to come in and play if something were to happen to Prescott. Their backup happens to be Tony Romo. He hasn’t played all season and didn’t finish the 2015 season either. He hasn’t played meaningful football in over a year and he’s likely a little rusty and possibly out of football shape. If Romo can get some reps on the field in a real life situation, that could benefit him and the Cowboys if Romo’s number is called later on this season. They would like him to be ready just in case of an injury to Prescott.

Reason number three: The Fans

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to get to see Romo play at least one more time in a Dallas uniform. No one knows for sure what will happen after this season, but I don’t believe Romo will be a Cowboy in 2017. So if you’re like me, and wanted Romo to come back and play as soon as he was healthy, this would be better than Christmas. Tony Romo is beloved in Texas and by fans all over the country. He changed the course of the franchise and has supplied fans with endless memories. I think it would be amazing for the fans to see Romo go out there and sling it one last time.

Here are two reasons why the Cowboys should not play Tony Romo this week.

Reason number one: Injury Risk

As always in the NFL, there is a huge injury risk involved every week. Tony Romo has been known for his injuries over his career, especially of late. The Cowboys need Romo to be healthy for a few reasons. They need their backup quarterback to be available this season and they need him to remain healthy for trade value.

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If Romo plays and suffers an injury this week, the Cowboys would suffer a huge loss. Teams that might send Dallas some trade offers would likely shy away or significantly lower their offer for Romo. Dallas will be looking to get as much as they can for Romo. They also would lose a quality player to fill a spot in the case of a Dak Prescott injury. Romo playing isn’t a safe choice at all for Dallas.

Reason number two: Impact On Prescott

Let’s just throw a scenario out there that Romo does indeed play this week. Let’s say he plays two quarters and goes out there and just has a monster game. Romo goes for 300 yards and three touchdowns in one half and fans are going crazy. If Romo has a lot of success and the team is just rolling up points, how would this impact Dak Prescott? If Romo was to go out there and make things look easy maybe some questions would break the surface.

Did the coaches make the right call? Are they really better off with Dak over Tony? Does the team look better with Tony? You never know what will happen, but I have to assume that if Romo were to play and if he did well, that it would have a negative impact on Prescott in some way. It would be better for Prescott if Romo didn’t play at all to avoid such scenarios.

The Cowboys have a lot to digest and think about when making this decision on Romo. They need to look at the pros and cons to letting Romo play or sit this week against the Eagles in an essentially meaningless game. Dallas might be better off playing it safe and keeping Romo on the bench in a hostile environment.