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Should Terrance Williams Remain A Cowboy In 2017?

Should Dallas resign Terrance Williams PAUL MOSELEY VIA FLICKR


Why Should The Dallas Cowboys Resign Terrance Williams?

The Dallas Cowboys have a few key free agents on their roster in which they will have to make a decision on. One of those guys is wide receiver Terrance Williams. He’s a guy who has played four seasons for them and has shown some inconsistency. Still, I believe the Cowboys should resign Terrance Williams.

There have been games where he has cost the team with some mistakes and turnovers. There have also been games where he made some game-saving grabs. The most memorable catch of his career came against Seattle in 2014. On a 3rd and 20, Williams was able to make a sideline grab for a first down and kept the drive alive. I think if they were to resign Terrance Williams, it would be for more than his production and his numbers.

Williams has played football in Texas for a very long time. He went to high school in Dallas and played college football at Baylor.  He’s been a Cowboy for the entire length of his pro career, as well. Williams has been apart of an offense that has outstanding chemistry, which is the . Especially with a young quarterback in Dak Prescott, having the same guys in the offense will be extremely beneficial.

In his four years as a Cowboy, Williams has never missed a game and has recorded 177 receptions. He’s accumulated nearly 2,800 receiving yards while scoring 20 touchdowns. I know, these numbers don’t really pop out for a four year career thus far. But Williams is known for making big plays. He averages 15.8 yards per reception in his career. That’s a huge impact.

I don’t know what Williams will be asking for contract wise, but I’m sure he knows his worth. So if he were to ask for a four or five year deal for 20 to 25 million, I think the Cowboys would be interested. Like I said, if they can retain as many pieces as possible, that will go a long way in Prescott’s development and the rhythm of the offense will remain the same.

Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones will have to review all their options and see what all is out there. Garrett preaches comradery and team bonding. Keeping Williams will show that and his belief in him as a player and as a member of this offense. The Cowboys should bring Williams back to keep the offense intact.