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Should Tony Romo Consider Retirement? Why Or Why Not?

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Is Retirement The Answer For Romo Following Another Injury?

It might be time for Tony Romo to consider retirement. Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo has a long record of injuries in which he has sustained throughout his career ranging from 2008 to 2016. Due to these injuries, he has missed valuable time and the Cowboys’ success has suffered. Lets take a look at his notable injury history.


Romo broke his right pinkie finger and missed three games. In these three games the Cowboys went 1-2 and lost a division clinching game against the Eagles.


A broken left collarbone ended Romo’s season and he missed ten games after the injury. The Cowboys were coming off a 2009 season when Romo had finally won his first playoff game. There was much optimism in 2010 until Romo suffered this injury.


An early injury struck Romo in week two against the 49ers. Romo sustained a broken rib and punctured lung while playing, however he finished the game and didn’t end up missing any time throughout the 2011 season.


Late in the season, Tony Romo had the Cowboys ready to finish on top and make a playoff push. Week 16 they defeated the Redskins, but Romo took a big hit during the game and actually ended up with a ruptured disk. He was not able to go the following week in a game for the division title against the Eagles. The Cowboys ended up losing that game as well with Kyle Orton starting.


Romo missed a game against the Cardinals due to two transverse process fractures in his back. This was early in the season and it was the only game Romo missed that season.


This year was snake bitten from the start. Coming off an incredible last minute comeback victory over the Giants, Romo broke his left collarbone again the next week in Philadelphia. This was a similar injury to the one he suffered in 2010. Romo ended up coming back to play against the Dolphins in week 11. One week later, the Cowboys played the Panthers on Thanksgiving. Once again, Romo was hit to ground and the force of impact from the hit he’d received caused his left collarbone to give way and break. He was done for the season.


The preseason had been going smoothly for Dallas. Dak Prescott was looking incredible, the excitement was unreal for Ezekiel Elliott, and most of all, The Dallas Cowboys had their star quarterback ready and healthy to start the season. After the 3rd play from scrimmage in week three of preseason, Romo was hit in the back while sliding forward and fractured a vertebra in his lower back. Romo’s timetable to return this season is six to ten weeks.

Now I know what many people are thinking after understanding what Romo has gone through. He should just call it a career and hang up the cleats. There is no need to take any more punishment on his body. There is no need to take any more hits, break any more bones, or suffer any other serious back injuries. For the most part, those people are right.

Why would Romo, who has withstood these numerous and extremely serious injuries want to keep going? Why jeopardize his health and his future just to play a game for a few more years? It really is an intriguing question to analyze and provide an answer to. What most people don’t understand is that every single player in the NFL is living out their childhood dream. Being out there on Sundays on national television, playing the game they love, getting paid millions, and satisfying their craving for competition is why these guys do what they do.

Tony Romo has endured pain and suffered several injures. He has taken quite the physical toll on his body. The only reason Romo would and should consider retirement is for his family. He has two young sons and a wife to think about. If he continues to play, his chances of getting hurt again will only increase. Knowing his injury history, it only provides extra concerns for his overall future health. His family will give him something to think about, as far as if he plans to retire.

Now there is another side to this. Why should Romo NOT consider retirement? Well he is 36 years old, but has only played nine full seasons. His NFL body isn’t as old as the average quarterback who starts much earlier in their career.

Say what you want about Tony Romo’s statistics and his accomplishments, but two things that cannot be compared or measured are his competitiveness and drive. Romo is one of the most devoted athletes I have ever seen. He’s the guy who will always give you 110% and play every single snap like it’s his last.

Tony Romo loves the game way too much to let an injury take him out. He’s the guy who will play until he physically is unable to. Romo will never quit and is always striving to get better any way he can. He’s all about the team and the success of his teammates.

That is why Tony Romo should not consider retirement. His leadership and competitiveness are unmatched to anyone in the NFL. His presence to this football team is the difference between a 4-12 team and a 12-4 team. Tony Romo should play until he can go out on his own terms.