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Somethings Happening in Chicago

Somethings happening in Chicago Frank Sevirino via Flickr


Somethings happening in Chicago right now and Major League baseball had better take notice.

There are two pitchers in the city of Chicago that are taking the MLB by storm.  Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale and Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta have started the 2016 season by blazing thru their leagues at an amazing pace.

Sale a 6’6″ 180 lb lefty has posted a 9-1 record with a 2.26 E.R.A., while Arrieta a 6’4″ 225 lb righty has jumped out to a 9-0 start with a 1.72 E.R.A., and the Cubs just tied a major league record by winning his last 23 starts.  With the White Sox leading the American league Central division with a 27-21 record and the Cubs leading the National League Central division with a 31-14 record, the city of Chicago is brewing with excitement for their teams.

In a city where the fans treat the cross-town classic as a family tradition or a civil war of some sorts,  the emergence of these two dominant pitchers is adding to the excitement of what could be greater things to come.  Many people in Chicago view this rivalry as good v/s evil and depending on which side you live on determines which side you fall on.  What started on June 16, 1997 has turned into an event in Chicago that gives one side or the other bragging rights thru the long hard winters of Chicago.  The White Sox now lead in the classic with a 55-49 record and both teams are feeling confident in their Ace pitchers.

With just 12 miles between U.S. Cellular field and Wrigley field, two of the top pitchers in baseball have become front-runners for the All-star game and we could have the pleasure of seeing them meet in their cross-town classic shortly after the All-star break.  However, what all of Chicago is hoping for, is a meeting a little later in the year where two Cy young winners match up sometime in October to decide which side of Chicago is really the best and which side is good or evil.