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Spanish Prosecutor Requested to Prosecute Neymar, His Father and Sandro Rosell

Photo credit to Francisco Javier Fernández via Flickr

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The Spanish Prosecutor’s office requested to prosecute Neymar, his father and Sandro Rosell, Barcelona and Santos on fraud charges

Madrid, Spain – The Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested to prosecute Brazilian star Neymar, his father Neymar Sr., former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, the clubs FC Barcelona and Santos on crimes of business corruption and fraud for allegedly cheating and altering the price of his transfer to Brazilian investment fund DIS, which held 40 percent of Neymar’s sporting rights when he played at Santos.

 The judge of this case, Jose de la Mata, initially detected no crime in this case, but the Criminal Division made him revoke this file and forced him to process it.

In response to that order, De la Mata issued a terse in which he directly asked accusations submit their indictments to open trial, obviating the process of closing summary and pass abbreviated procedure (equivalent to processing), so now the Prosecutor uses this vehicle and is asking the judge to process them.

He believes that Neymar, his father, Rosell and the president of Santos Odilo Rodrigues, as well as the two clubs as legal entities, committed the crimes of business corruption and improper scam in the process of signing the player by the club from Brazilian club Santos.