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Stacy Piagno, Kelsie Whitmore Prove Women Can Play Baseball

Stacy Piagno Sonoma Stompers via

MLB – Stacy Piagno, Kelsie Whitmore

Stacy Piagno, Kelsie Whitmore Made Baseball History on Friday

On Friday, the Sonoma Stompers of the independent Pacific Association made history. Stacy Piagno and Kelsie Whitmore started the game for the Stompers.

This is the first time that more than one woman has been on a U.S. baseball team roster since the 1950’s. Both Piagno and Whitmore are no newbies to the game of baseball. They were both scouted at tryouts for the Women’s Baseball World Cup.

Piagno actually no-hit Puerto Rico in the 2015 Pan Am Games and played softball at the University of Temple.

Whitmore is the youngest of the two women and just graduated high school. She has a full scholarship to play softball with Cal State Fullerton.

Piagno, who is 25, started the game on Friday as a pitcher and gave up two runs in three innings. Whitmore, played left field and struck out and walked during the 8-4 Stompers loss.

“Women in baseball” has always been a interesting topic among sports fans. With no real professional softball teams, many girls do not play after college.

Some women turn to the game of baseball as a form of replacement for softball.

There has been attempts in the past to integrate women into baseball. One attempt came in the 1950’s when three women played in the Negro Leagues. A more recent attempt came when Phil Niekro recruited women to play for the Colorado Silver Bullets in 1997. The team lasted only a few years before their sponsorship was pulled.

Many women across the country would love to see women break into major league baseball. Maybe this latest attempt for that to happen will yield the first female big leaguer.