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Steph Scores 46, Sets NBA Record For Most 3’s In A Game


Steph scores 46 against Pels, breaks record

In case anyone was wondering why Steph Curry was the MVP this past season, look no further than last night’s shooting exhibition that Curry put on display in front of the Oakland crowd.

Steph went off last night, scoring 46 points and shooting 13-17 from deep, setting an NBA record for most 3’s made by one player in one game. A record that was he was previously tied for at 12.

But it wasn’t just the fact that he broke the record, it was how he did it. Tossing up shots that had absolutely no business of going in, only for them to hit nothing but net on their way down.

Steph’s use of the pump fake is what pops him open for a majority of his shots. He doesn’t fake with his head as much as someone like Dwayne Wade does, but his track record of being the greatest shooter of all time means that if someone sees that ball even remotely appear as if Steph is going to shoot it, you have to respect it and jump. The craziest part of last night was seeing so many defenders fly past Steph after he pump fakes. After he shows the ball, Steph simply steps aside and launches a wide-open 3, an automatic make nearly ever time.

Curry has been somewhat of an undertone so far on this Warriors team so far due to the incredible hype set around Kevin Durant, Klay’s poor play, and the team as a whole. I say this knowing that, up until last night, Curry was still averaging 24 PPG, impressive numbers if you think about how much talent he has to share the ball with.

Last night was a testament to how great Curry truly is and why he earned the title of unanimous MVP. Granted, Curry did score 46 against the still winless Pelicans, but when he’s shooting running 3 point floaters with 18 seconds on the shot clock (which he did), it doesn’t matter who the Warriors are playing, Curry becomes impossible to defend.

The Warriors are now 5-2. Steph appears to approaching mid-season form already, KD has effortlessly flowed into the offense, and Klay Thompson is not even close to the Klay Thompson that everyone has gotten to know. Plain and simple, this team is still the best in the world and to expect total domination sometime before 2017 would be appropriate.