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Stephen Strasburg Signs a 7year/$175 Million Extension


News leaked out while Stephen Strasburg was pitching against the Detroit Tigers that he signed a large extension with the Washington Nationals through 2024.

It’s no shock after a detrimental collapse during the 2015 season that the Nationals want to keep their young core together.

The reported length of the deal is 7 years and 175 million dollars.

This large deal makes Stephen Strasburg the second highest paid pitcher on the Nationals. Max Scherzer is on the books with a $210 million contract until 2022.

The Nationals are no strangers spending money on great players. After landing Ben Revere and Daniel Murphy during the offseason it leads into question how they will be able to afford a $450 million type contract to Bryce Harper.

If the Washington National’s owners (the Lerners) are willing to open up their check books the league allows it, but as we have seen from the past, big contracts do not always lead to World Series contention. The late New York Yankees will attest to that fact.

Although locking up Strasburg for the long-term is a good decision, the Nationals need to hope past injuries don’t come back to haunt them.


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