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Talent not an Issue for Impact Wrestling

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Impact Wrestling is Rich in Talent

After watching this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, something profound hit me. The main event saw an 8 man tag team match. At stake, either Jeremy Borash or Josh Matthews would lose their announcing duties. One side saw members of Team Borash including Alberto El Patron, Chris Adonis (aka Chris Masters), Matt Morgan, and the GFW World Champion Magnus. The other team, Team Matthews, included Tyrus, Bram, Eli Drake, and Impact Wrestling World Champion Bobby Lashley. From the minute these eight combatants entered the ring, Impact Wrestling is actually stacked in the talent department.

Depth Perception

Many have expressed over the course of the past year concern for a lack of quality talents on the roster. Over the previous twelve months, we have seen personalities including Eddie Edwards, Bobby Lashley, and Drew Galloway hold down the top spots in the company. In much the same way as an episode of Raw, repeated attempts to provide the same matches week in and week out made the product stale. Then there was the “BROKEN” gimmick of the Hardys. BROKEN Matt and Brother Nero redefined Impact Wrestling. They brought a fresh approach to tag team wrestling. Unfortunately, they had few teams to work with throughout the year and have since moved on from Impact Wrestling. This leaves many fans feeling as though Impact Wrestling is starving for quality talent.

Feeling the Effects of Change

When former owner Dixie Carter was leaving Impact Wrestling and was replaced by new leadership from Anthem Inc, many were left wondering what changes would be made to the product. The first change included the return of the company’s founder Jeff Jarrett. Next was the transition to his hand picked creative team. Finally was an overhaul of the roster. This overhaul could make for even harder storytelling to follow and a more fractured audience. With the media reporting the losses of several key talents, Impact looked like it could be in trouble. Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett, Drew Galloway, Jade, and the BROKEN Hardys all left viewers confused about where the company was going.

Finally Stability

Despite all of these concerns and the plethora of changes, Impact Wrestling has responded in a very strong way. First they brought in Alberto El Patron, the former Alberto Del Rio of WWE fame. Next they brought back talents that loyal Impact fans were familiar in Magnus, Chris Adonis, and Matt Morgan. Finally they have brought back much of the feeling from when Impact Wrestling began. This has been supported by their having made strategic partnerships with companies around the world. Pro Wrestling NOAH, AAA in Mexico, Crash Wrestling in Mexico, and now ITV World of Sport in the United Kingdom all have agreed to cross promote.

The Future is NOW

Impact Wrestling is gaining traction and is seeking to attract a bigger audience than ever before. They are hoping to secure a larger television distribution deal by years end. The expectation of growth is high and one that they are confident in. Thankfully for wrestling fans, Impact Wrestling’s talent pool increasing is a significant step in the right direction. They have fortified their roster with global talents. Fresh matches and concepts are making Impact Wrestling fun again. All of these are fantastic signs for the fans. Impact Wrestling is ready to truly break out and they are staking their claim to the number 2 promotion in North America.


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  • Matt McGuire

    Thank you for being the one who is finally posting a positive story on the progress that Impact has made! NXT and WWE are #1 but this competition is always welcome.

  • Donnell brown

    impact wrestling is garbage you be better off watching paint dry or watching a real company like roh.the storyline are stupid.

    • Paul Vanderbrunk

      I would argue that the storylines in ROH are no better and the quality at the top of their talent pool is significantly better. Countless stars from ROH have gone to WWE and said they needed the NXT and developmental system there to be ready for the “Big Time” and TNA has several wrestlers who are former WWE talents. That equates to TNA potentially having a better roster and their presentation has made significant improvements since the changeover. Dixie Carter killed it for a while but once they get their traction, Impact Wrestling is ready to soar.