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Texas Rangers Getting A New Park

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MLB – Texas Rangers

The Arlington City Council has approved a master agreement to build a new ballpark for the Texas Rangers.  This is the easiest hurdle that the proposed ballpark had to clear.

The next step for the $1 billion plan is a public vote on November 8th. If the plan passes, the Rangers would be getting a new ballpark through 2053.

Many of the members of the City Council described the Texas Rangers as a huge economic park of the city. The members will have a hard time convincing the public to spend $500 million dollars on a stadium. Many worry that the ball club will come back in a few years demanding upgrades.

The new ballpark would cost $200 million more than AT&T Stadium home of the Dallas Cowboys. If approved in November, building would begin in 2020 or 2021.

The City of Arlington plans to pay for the stadium with money it gets from adding a .5% sales tax, 2% hotel occupancy tax and a 5% car rental tax. These are the same taxes that allowed the city to pay for AT&T Stadium.

Arlingtons main goal is to keep the Rangers happy while also making sure they are spending money wisely.