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The Cowboys Will Again Rise As An Elite Team In 2017

Cowboys will have success in 2017 PAUL MOSELEY VIA FLICKR


The Dallas Cowboys Will Have Success In 2017 Season

The 2016 season was a marvelous beginning to a very bright future in Dallas. The Cowboys will have success in 2017 again due to how their team is built. It was no fluke that they ended up atop the NFC with a 13-3 record. With a rookie quarterback in Dak Prescott who will only continue to get better, the team will as well. The very foundation in which Dallas is built upon is physicality and an endless pursuit to win. The Cowboys should be feared by all.

It’s very easy for anyone, especially the Dallas haters to say that it was a one-year-wonder with how well Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott played. Usually to back up the numbers it takes more than one year of experience. However, there’s something different in Dallas. The pieces that fit together so well are all intact and the system as a whole will only get stronger.

People might suggest that Prescott won’t perform to the same level because there will be NFL game film on him. Or that things just so happened to work out the one year. The situation for Dak to enter the NFL in could not have been more perfect. The three pro bowl offensive lineman in Tyron Smith, Travis Fredrick, and Zack Martin are all 26 years of age or younger and are locked up for the next few years. The Cowboys drafted a young Ezekiel Elliott and the receivers are outstanding.

The Cowboys‘ organization has constructed a team to last. Prescott obviously worked out and he will continue to grow with the young Dallas offense. The Cowboys will have success in 2017 again for a few different reasons. Now, I’m not predicting them to go win 13 games again, but I think anywhere around 10-12 wins is very realistic. Here are some keys as to why I have a great amount in faith in them replicating their 2016 success.

The Offensive Line

The Cowboys have the league’s best and most athletic offensive line in the NFL. This is the foundation for every single offense in the NFL. It all starts up front. With the elite play from the entire unit, Prescott and Elliott’s jobs become a little easier. With great pass blocking, they allow their quarterback to have a few extra seconds to make a play. In this case, that guy is Dak Prescott, whose more athletic than the average quarterback. He’s able to extend plays on his own with his legs, which only adds to the advantage of an elite pass protecting offensive line.

The Running Game

The running game in Dallas is one of the league’s best due to the offensive line as well. These guys are quick and agile as they create holes for Ezekiel Elliott to burst through. As each run play begins, they win at the line of scrimmage and the rest is history. The Cowboys combined for almost 2,400 rushing yards in 2016 and they will do it again in 2017.

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With guys like Elliott, Alfred Morris, and Darren McFadden, they possess different combinations of talent to use. Now I’m not sure if both, Morris and McFadden will be back, but either way they will have numerous options in the running game. Their ability to dominate defenses on the ground helps their team in many ways. It sets up better coverages for the offense, allows the defense to rest, and they control the pace of the game.

The Passing Attack

No one knew how the offense would look with Prescott as the quarterback. As the 2016 season unfolded, everyone quickly realized that this kid was for real and is the future for the Cowboys. Prescott is very accurate and can make the down field plays. With weapons like Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley, Terrance Williams, and Jason Witten, there are a lot of options. It provides issues for any defense as they have to focus on stopping these guys or Elliott in the running game.

With a year of experience, Prescott will grow as a player and his chemistry with his receivers will as well. They will bond and get closer as an offensive unit, which is bad news for the rest of the NFL. Prescott will learn to make quicker throws and improve on his timing throws. This offense will reach its full potential soon and it might even be in 2017. The passing game is a big reason why I believe the Cowboys will have success in 2017.

An Improved Defense

Yes, I know it’s odd to highlight the defensive side of the ball for the Cowboys as being a reason for them to succeed in 2017. They aren’t a very strong unit at the moment, but a lot can change this offseason. 2016 second round pick, Jaylon Smith will likely be healthy and the sky is the limit for his potential. Charles Tapper, who sat out his rookie season with an injury will be getting healthy as well.

The Cowboys will likely focus most of their attention in the draft on defense. If they can snag a few stud pass rushers and a few corners, who knows what transformation could happen to this defense. With all of those guys healthy and ready to go, the defense will get stronger and support a very prolific offense.

So, overall the offense will get stronger and better as a unit. The pieces are all there and they are all returning. With a stud offensive line, a great running game, and solid receiving weapons for Prescott, they will put up points. The defense will regain its health and strength as they will add some pieces through the draft. The Cowboys will have success in 2017 and they will be hungry to finish the fight.