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The End Of An Era For Tony Romo In Dallas

Romo's release from Dallas will come on March 9th, 2017 MATT MACKAY VIA FLICKR


What To Make Of Tony Romo’s Release From Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys have officially decided to part ways with Tony Romo. Romo’s release from the Cowboys will occur on Thursday, March 9th, 2017. It’s officially the end of an era in Dallas. It’s also the beginning of a bright future with their young stars. The Cowboys simply couldn’t afford to keep Romo as a backup to Dak Prescott. Romo is still very competitive and wants a chance to win with another team. The Cowboys are providing him with that opportunity by releasing him to free agency.

Romo’s release may be heartbreaking and frustrating to many fans. At the same time, it makes the most sense for both sides. The Cowboys found their new starting quarterback and Romo obviously wants to start. So he will have to look to another contending team. The bright side is, one contending team is in the same state. There are two glaringly obvious fits for Tony Romo. One location is in Denver as the Broncos could use Romo to get over the hump. Houston is another option that might be more suitable for Romo.

As one of the biggest Tony Romo supporters out there, it’s difficult to picture him in a different uniform. He’s the player I grew up watching and the quarterback that led this Dallas team the last ten years. Romo’s release really isn’t shocking as we all knew it was coming. After watching the success of the 2016 season with Prescott, there was no way Dallas was going to return to Romo. I have accepted that, however it’s still odd to imagine him without the star on his helmet.

The decision is wise in the fact that Romo was going to kill Dallas in the salary cap. He also may have turned into a distraction as the 2017 season unfolded. By this I mean that any time Prescott struggled or got into a little funk, questions would arise. Romo’s release is tough to accept, however it had to be done. Dallas had to move on. Now lets move on to the two top locations for Tony Romo to play in 2017.

The Houston Texans

Like I mentioned above, the Texans are an attractive team for Romo. One thing Romo never had in his time with the Cowboys was a reliable defense. The Houston defense is one of the best in the league. Better yet, they are a young defense that plays in a soft division. Romo wouldn’t be forced to score on nearly every possession like he had to in Dallas.

The Texans have some great young weapons on the offensive side of the ball as well. DeAndre Hopkins is one of the more elite receivers in the NFL. Last season the Texans also drafted receivers, Will Fuller and Braxton Miller. With these three athletic, play making weapons at his disposal, Romo would fit in perfectly.

The last time Tony Romo had a great season was back in 2014. The Cowboys earned a 12-4 record thanks to an elite running game. Houston recently invested in Lamar Miller, another young athletic stud on this offense. Romo would benefit from an elite offense with a secure and reliable defense. How can this situation not work? I mean, the guy wouldn’t even have to relocate. The Texans will have to do some spending, but I’m sure Romo would be willing to work with them. He wants to win now, and this would be a perfect fit.

The Denver Broncos

Like the Texans, Denver is another team that is set to make a run. They are simply missing an elite quarterback to propel their team into the playoffs. The Broncos have two young players at the quarterback position in Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian. These two have some potential, but Denver can win now with a guy like Tony Romo. They have a few key pieces to surround Romo with and I think it would work beautifully.

The Denver defense is one the best in the league as well. With dominant players all over the field, they can support an offense led by Tony Romo. They are great against the pass and would give the offense some extra opportunities to win games. Once again, Romo’s never really had a tough and reliable defense.

The offense is pretty well put together in Denver for the most part. They have some weapons at the running back and receiver positions. Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders provide some consistent production on the outside. Thomas and Sanders both have great speed and hands. Romo would be excited to have this duo out on the field.

The running game isn’t as good as Houston, but it’s still pretty solid. C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker lead the Broncos‘ backfield. Both backs are young and aggressive and can help Romo succeed. With an improved offensive line, they can transform into one of the best offenses in the NFL. Tony Romo has already stated he’d be interested in Denver.

Houston and Denver would both be great fits for Tony Romo. He had a thrilling and legendary career as a Dallas Cowboy. I’m sure Romo will be anxious an prepared for whatever comes next.

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