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The Evan Longoria Sweepstakes

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The Evan Longoria Sweepstakes


Remember how good Evan Longoria was for the Rays in 2008 during their run to the World Series?  8 years later, Longoria is putting up big time numbers again.  But these 2016 Tampa Bay Rays are not the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays.  Winning only 4 of their last 29 games, the Rays don’t have any shot at making the postseason.  The team is shopping starting pitchers, a list that likely includes Alex Cobb, Matt Moore, and Jake Odorizzi.  But this roster renovation should be much more than that.  The Tampa Bay Rays need a full rebuild where they tear down everything, including Tropicana Field.  The only way to jumpstart the rebuild?  Trade Evan Longoria.

Longoria means so much to this franchise.  He is to the Rays what Derek Jeter was to the Yankees, except the Rays don’t have a 200 million dollar payroll.  This is a team that needs to stockpile young, controllable talent in order to compete for an extended period of time.  Evan Longoria should reel in a big haul that could speed up the rebuilding process.  Longoria has a 162 game average of 30 home runs and 102 runs batted in based on his career numbers.  He has only had one season in which he did not stay healthy enough to play 120 games.  Maybe the most attractive feature about the Rays third baseman is his contract.  From 2017 through 2022, Longoria is owed just $94 million, which is much less than he would command on the open market.  Longoria is definitely desirable for contenders.


So who are the buyers?

Los Angeles Dodgers

Rumors have already begun about a trade that would send Evan Longoria to the Dodgers.  While in college at Long Beach State University, Longoria played along side fellow Dirtbag Troy Tulowitzki.  As cool as that duo was, imagine Corey Seager and Evan Longoria on the left side of the infield together.  Considering Seager’s swift rise to stardom, this pair could put up 55 home runs annually like clockwork.  The Dodgers have the prospects to get this done.  The Rays would likely ask for Julio Urias, but the Dodgers likely would not move their pitching phenom despite his struggles at the major league level.  However, a package of prospects including Jose De Leon and Alex Verdugo may be enough to pry Longoria from Tampa.


New York Mets

Boy, do the Mets need offense.  The defending N.L. Champs rank 28th in the league in runs scored.  Acquiring a proven bat would certainly improve that ranking.  Although David Wright is signed long-term, the Mets cannot count on him to play third base on a regular basis due to his recent health problems.  And no Mets fans, Jose Reyes is not the man to carry the offense either.  Longoria can carry the torch as the next great Mets third baseman.  The Mets’ farm system is not as deep as it was last summer when the team dealt current American League Rookie of the Year candidate Michael Fulmer to Detroit to bring in Yoenis Cespedes.  There are solid prospects that could get it done though.  Amed Rosario has had a breakout season in the minors and is now a consensus top 20 prospect.  He would probably have to be involved if a trade were to get done.


Kansas City Royals

Although the Royals have not run away with their division as they did in 2015, they still are a potential playoff team.  They remain four games back in the wild card race.  Longoria could be what the reigning champs need to get them over the hump and back to October.  Mike Moustakas would need to go to Tampa in order for Longoria to man the hot corner in the coming seasons.  Kansas City could also try to get one of Tampa’s starters as well in the deal.  The Royals farm system is not especially strong, but a package of Raul Mondesi, Miguel Almonte, and Futures Game selection Hunter Dozier could make the deal happen.


The trade front is quiet as of now around the league.  But with the Rays selling, you have to think that the Longoria rumors will pick up.  Bats like his don’t come around all too often, and a plethora of ball clubs who could use a hitter like him are still out there.  With the trade deadline less than two weeks away, the Evan Longoria sweepstakes is set to begin.