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Wade’s time!

Thursday morning after an MRI, the Chicago Bulls announced that guard Dwayne Wade will be out for the reminder of the regular season. Is it Wade’s time to retire? The Bulls are currently the 10th seed in the eastern conference at (32-36).

On another note Wade has taken hard falls, body shots, and collisions throughout his career, which has caused him to miss a lot of games. The former 2006 finals MVP changed the way the shooting-guard position is played.

The former Marquette guard was drafted in 2003 by the Miami Heat. Wade quickly made his mark in the league and changed the culture of the organization. Prior to winning his first NBA championship in 2006, he averaged over 16 points in his first two seasons.

As time progressed the Heat struggled to advance beyond the first round of the playoffs. During the summer of 2010 LeBron James decided to “take his talents to South Beach”.

Wade sacrificed a max contract deal in order to make cap room for forwards James and Chris Bosh. The sports world criticized the big three and asked why three stars needed to join forces in order to win.

Good Times!

The Heat would go on to lose the 2011 NBA finals to the Dallas Mavericks. The team spent all summer working to improve. After constant conversation on ESPN and around the world the Heat redeemed themselves by winning the finals in 2012 and 2013.

However, the 2014 NBA finals would be a different story. The San Antonio Spurs were destined to avenge their loss in the 2013 finals. Miami’s big three were dethroned and demolished, which led to the teams separation.

In addition to the Heat losing in the finals, LeBron would later announce his decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

All signs pointed to the big three staying together. People believed that Pat Riley the current president of the Miami Heat could retain the trio. Riley was shocked after hearing that the kid from Akron was going home to achieve the impossible.

It’s all about the Benjamin’s!

James departure from Miami caused Riley to invest in Bosh, which made it clear that Wade was not a long term priority. Wade received a 1-year 20 million dollar contact, which would lead to more tough negations. After years of loyalty one would think it’s Wade’s time to be paid in full.

Unfortunately, Bosh suffered from blood clots, which put his playing career on hold. Riley decided that he was not going to pay Wade Max money which resulted in Wade signing with the Bulls. It’s sad to see the departure of a superstar, but it was Wade’s time to go.

End of the Road?

Granted it was nice to see number 3 return to his hometown, but why if the organization is nowhere near championship contention. During last summer’s free agency, the Bulls offered the former Marquette star the contact that he desired. Some people may ask why did he leave, but “its the principle smokey and you know this”. Everyone today would agree that the Heat should have paid the man.

Did the Chicago native have more offers then the Bulls ? Is it Wade’s time to retire ? There is no doubt that he will be end up in the Hall of Fame, but should retirement be on the mind of the 35-year-old? I believe that Wade has a few years in the tank, but he needs to look for a team that fits the bill.

After suffering this injury what should Wade do? Should the former Miami Heat star retire? Wade is currently 35-years-old and is in a two-year contract worth $47 million.

Don’t panic the franchise is only one game behind the 8th seed Detroit Pistons, who have been struggling all season. However, will the Bulls be able to generate enough offense without a second go to scorer?