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The Joey Bosa Contract Situation



Joey Bosa, Defensive end for the San Diego Chargers has yet to sign his first NFL contract. During mini-camp, Bosa missed a few days of practice to dispute his contract correctly. Bosa’s agent Tom France reviewed the deal with Sirus XM NFL radio. France claimed that

Bosa is trying to change the language of the contract, Bosa’s agent Tom France reviewed the deal with Sirus XM NFL radio. France claimed that

“There is still a lot that can be done with the language of the contract as far as when bonuses are paid, offset language, injury guarantees, etc., etc.”

Negotiations have stalled with the Chargers. Therefore, Bosa has discontinued his workouts with the team. This way he will not risk becoming injured, which could hinder future contracts.

Bosa’s holdout from participation in team minicamps was “disappointing” to those part of the team.

But genral manager Telesco understands Bosa’s decision to miss a few days of camp “there’s a business part to this (game), too, and we understand that.”

Rookie holdouts have become more uncommon since 2011 with the wage scale change. The purpose of the change was to prevent rookie contract disputes. But, Bosa sees his value is worth more than a rookie contract. Right now, Bosa’s representation is pushing for no language, the Chargers would pay him his four-year contract in full. Therefore, with this contract design the Chargers releasing Bosa would mean he still gets paid. Bosa could still earn royalties from the Chargers while playing for another organization.

Chargers will continue offseason training on July 29th, hopefully, by then there will be resolve to this dispute.