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The Monday Cool Down: Is A Logano-Busch Feud Good For NASCAR?

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Is NASCAR’S Hottest Feud Between Kyle Busch And Joey Logano A Continuation Of The Sport’s Changing Direction?


After yesterday’s brawl for all between Logano and Kyle Busch in Las Vegas, several question loom for NASCAR. From possible punishment to even marketing the feud, the sanctioning body has some tough choices to make. Here are the takes NASCAR and fans must make in the coming days.

Is This The Feud NASCAR Needs?

As noted in a piece written in January, one of the sport’s biggest needs was to promote either it’s personalities or feuds to grow it’s declining audience. The sport may not know it right now, but they may have just his a possible PR gold mine with the Logano/Kyle Busch feud. First of all, the battle between the two has gone on for years before Sunday’s post race skirmish. Second, Kyle Busch’s “Rowdy” persona makes him one of the most sellable drivers in the sport in regards to new fans. Lastly, these two are perfect examples for NASCAR’s ongoing “Ready, Set, Race” ad campaign with their aggressive style of racing.

Should NASCAR Punish Either Party Involved?

Let’s face it, NASCAR’s recent trend of handling situations like this post “Boys Have At It” have been more stern than before it. A similar fisticuffs incident between Casey Mears and Marcos Ambrose at Richmond back in 2014 made the two a combined $40,000 lighter plus probation. But, for the sport to even consider it’s current trend of inviting youth and new fans alike, that may not happen. In fact, NASCAR could simply even shrug the post-race fight on Sunday if it means higher ratings and water cooler talk. Regardless of what and if any punishment they lay down, some garage area reprimand will be expected.

Will This Cause a Penske Vs. Gibbs Team Battle?

To be fair, the battle has waged on even before the Logano/Kenseth incident during the Chase in 2015. This team battle spans back to 2013 in fact with Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin taking each other out at Auto Club. The issue is however, will this incident finally light the fire between both camps? Only time will tell, but to be fair all these incidents prior have been sheer coincidence. This incident though has been brewing between the drivers themselves for a few years.

The Bottomline Is.

Let’s face it, the fans want to see passion between drivers and teams. NASCAR has tried to simmer the passion in drivers for a few years now. But, expect this to not only be the beginning of this feud, but NASCAR’s efforts to tout passion again. The question however will be down the road is how will NASCAR handle situations like this and market them. Action and drama made the sport mainstream, and Sunday’s incident is no different than in the past. Lastly, will this or any future feuds get new or returning fans in the door overtime? Only time will tell, but nonetheless it’s back to business for now regardless.

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