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The New York Jets Need Ryan Fitzpatrick

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 New York needs to give Ryan Fitzpatrick what He wants

Throughout the NFL off-season, New York Jets and their Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick have been negotiating a new contract, but they have not been able to reach a deal.  Neither is budging from the groundwork of a three year, $24 million with $15 million guaranteed deal and a possible total of $36 million in incentives.

This may seem like a lot for a 33-year-old quarterback who has not reached the playoffs in his entire 11-year career, but he is the key to the Jets offense and needs to be signed.

First, no matter how well the Jets try to play it off, New York has no other options at QB.  Geno Smith has a negative QB-INT ratio and has a passer rating of just 72.3 for his career.  To put it nicely, Christian Hackenberg was not good in his last couple years at Penn State. And if the Jets actually wanted a QB, they would’ve drafted Paxton Lynch from Memphis at #20 instead of OLB Darron Lee.

I actually think Bryce Petty has potential to have a decent career in the NFL, but for now, he is not in consideration as a threat to Fitzpatrick.

The Jets cannot hope to go ahead with an otherwise playoff roster with Geno Smith or Christian Hackenberg at QB and still make the playoffs.  Fitzpatrick has to be brought back because he is the best and only option.

Second, Fitzpatrick did well last year in Chan Gailey’s offense, throwing for 31 touchdowns, 3,905 passing yards, and finished with an 88.0 passer rating. said he was the 13th most efficient passer in the league with a Passing Net Expected Points per Drop Back of .14 (that essentially means every time he dropped back to pass, he earned his team .14 points).

This is the best mark of Fitzpatrick’s career, and his touchdowns and passing yards were also career-bests (his passer rating was the second-best of his career only to his 2014 season with the Texans).  Ryan Fitzpatrick did great last year in the Jets‘ offense, and there should be no reason the Jets do not bring him back.

Third, the money is not terrible.  The Jets are paying Darrelle Revis $17 million this year, and while he is a very good cornerback, he is not the quarterback.

Jay Cutler and Brock Osweiler and both making $18 million, and the former, while underrated in my opinion, has not performed well in the past, while the latter has seven career starts.

Sam Bradford has $22 million guaranteed and he’s in a competition with Carson Wentz for the starting job.  The Jets need to pay Fitzpatrick because, relatively, the money that he wants is not insane.

The New York Jets need to pay up and bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick.  New York has no other viable options at QB, Fitzpatrick did great in last year’s offense, and, the money Fitzpatrick wants is not terrible in comparison to other QBs and players on his team.

If the Jets do not bring back Fitzpatrick, they will have to cancel their tickets to the playoffs.