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The New York Knicks Have Gone Rotten in the Big Apple.

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In 2014, the New York Knicks brought in the supposed savior Phil Jackson to rebuild and rejuvenate the struggling franchise. Jackson brought in buddy Derek Fisher fresh off retiring as Head Coach and he lasted just two seasons with the Knicks. The Zen master than shipped Melo’s buddy J.R Smith and Iman Shumpert off to the Cleveland Cavaliers. That was just the start of a decaying relationship between Carmelo Anthony and the President of the New York Knicks

Phil Jackson must have thought he saw something that no other GM saw when he traded for Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah this offseason. These players were élite all-star type players five years ago, but they are banged up and it seems at times that they can’t keep up with todays NBA. For many fans Rose was the biggest head scratcher..

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In the past four seasons he’s only played in 166 regular season games. The former MVP is simply not the explosive MVP type star he used to be. In the offseason Rose faced off the court troubles. However, he was found not guilty of rape after being sued by his ex-girlfriend. New York loves drama but not that kind. It was a headache before the season started but it was just a sign of things to come.

Earlier this week he had an argument with the coaching staff about playing time and then disappeared and didn’t show up to their game against the Pelicans. He didn’t let any team officials know of his whereabouts. Weird stays being weird in the city that never sleeps. The former Bull is averaging 17 points per game this year, but his off the court issues are clearly effecting him and the team.

New head coach Jeff Hornacek is finding himself in a tough situation. With Knicks star  Carmelo Anthony battling the reality that it might not be his team for much longer. Phil Jackson may not have been on his Christmas card mailing this year either. Jackson stirred things up when he took a shot at LeBron James and his management who just happens to be one of Melo’s best friends.  The Syracuse product still loves his ISO ball, but it has hurt the team. They rank 16th (107.5) in offensive rating and 15th (105.3) in points per game. They look best when the ball is humming, but post up offense simply does not allow for that to happen.

Carmelo is averaging 22 points per contest, but the true future star of this team is Kristaps Porzingis. KP6 can do it all. He is putting up 17 points per game while grabbing just over seven boards. He’s got a decent handle and it’s always improving. Opening up the triangle and allowing for more pick and roll’s might be the future for the Knicks. Only if they had a coach who had a system for the P&R. Oh Yea, #BlameDantoni


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Now lets look at where the true problem lie. Defense, Defense Defense. This team just can’t or doesn’t want to guard anyone. Their 17-22 record could be way better with a little effort on the defensive end, but since they wont they currently have the 27th ranked defense in the league. Bringing in Noah was supposed to clean up the glass and anchor the defense, but he’s actually caused them to have to help more, which leaves open shooters to punish them. They had a solid rim protector in Robin Lopez, but they shipped him off in the D-Rose trade.

No need to worry Knicks fans, you do have Kurt Rambis running your defense. During his two seasons as head coach of the T-Wolves, he had a combined 32-132 record and the Wolves were ranked 28th and 27th in team defense.

No defense, iso ball and a disgruntled star that doesn’t want to give up the throne. That is what Knicks fans are looking at for the foreseeable future.  It can get scary in New York City, but unfortunately for Knicks fans that is the reality of your team.

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