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The NFL Announces Deal With YouTube



The NFL announced a deal with YouTube that will bring new content to football fans around the world.

YouTube is one of the main sources that fans go to when looking for sports related video content, so the expansion makes sense, in that it will continue to allow fans to easily view their highlights, videos, and game footage on the same platform they currently use.

It will also provide income to the league, encouraging them to add more content, and improve the quality of existing material. The NFL has agreed to offer multiple signatures games from each teams history, as well as increase the amount of highlight footage that is available to users.

The official YouTube channel for the NFL has received over 900 million views in the approximate year and a half it has been around.

With an official deal with a major website, the NFL has opened the doors for other partnerships with popular brands attempting to bring a large-scale product with fans around the world, such as Google, Twitter, and Snapchat, both who have agreed to a deal with the company.

The NFL released a statement about the deal as follows:

“This expansion of our partnership will make it easier than ever for the millions of highly engaged avid and casual fans on YouTube and Google to discover and access an even greater variety of some of the most valuable content in the sports and entertainment business.”

Be sure to check out what is going on with each of these popular sites as the NFL season gets closer and begins.