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The Night The Lights Came On At Wrigley

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Chicago Cubs

Monday marked the 28th year since Wrigley Field stepped into the light

For years the Chicago Cubs played only day games at historic Wrigley Field. It’s not because of the desire not to play night games but the fact that it was impossible. Since the park was built in 1914, there had never been lights at the friendly confines. At the time of it’s creation, it was not uncommon for ballparks not to have lights.

Teams would simply play every game during the day and if an extra inning game ran into the night, play would be suspended and picked up the following day. As more and more stadiums built lights into their infrastructure, Wrigley stayed dark.

The first night game to ever be played by major league baseball occurred on May 24th, 1935 at Crosley Field in Cincinnati. So what kept the Cubs from installing lights for 53 more years? Many fans and Chicago residents felt like it took away from the uniqueness of the ballpark while other considered moving out of Wrigley in order for the Cubs to be able to play night games.

On August 8th, 1988 at 6:05pm, the lights came on at Wrigley for the first time. This first night game against the Philadelphia Phillies was doomed from the beginning. In the 4th inning, the clouds opened up and the game was suspended due to rain. The following night however the Cubs beat the New York Mets in the first full length night game at historic Wrigley Field.

Even though the Cubs have not gotten to play many playoff games under the lights at home, it will always be a special memory for those in attendance on the night that the lights came on at Wrigley.

This years Cubs team is looking to play a World Series night game at the friendly confines for the first time in history. As many know, the Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908 and have not appeared in a World Series since 1945. Just last season, the Cubs clinched a playoff series victory at Wrigley for the first time in history. That game was special but not as special as winning a World Series at Wrigley Field in November.

28 years ago, the idea of the Cubs playing a World Series night game at Wrigley Field was totally out of the question. Now with lights and a first place team, the city of Chicago is ready for their Cubbies to make history.