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The road to Royal Rumble 2017 being set

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As we are now two weeks removed from the Survivor Series pay per view it appears as if the WWE is now looking past the Raw vs Smackdown storyline that dominated WWE programming for weeks leading into the event, with the next major event being the Royal Rumble 2017 but first the WWE has two brand exclusive pay per view events before the road to the Royal Rumble can truly begin.

For the blue brand, the headlining storyline has been more of the same. With AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose colliding in a TLC Match for the WWE World Championship. While Smackdown Live seems to lack star power lower on the card, Styles and Ambrose have done a wonderful job on the back end. With the two of them having legitimate claim to the WWE MVP this season and over the last few months the two of them waging war for the “richest prize in the game” as the great Jim Ross would say, it has made for perhaps the best booked feud on WWE television this fall.

Photo credit: azomcode II on Flickr

Photo credit: azomcode II on Flickr

Although it appears as if this may be the final blowoff for the Styles vs Ambrose feud, it appears as if the WWE may finally be sewing the seeds that could spell the main event chance for Bray Wyatt that fans have been salivating for over three years now. Granted, that is largely speculator with Wyatt potentially being involved in a Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship match on Sunday.

After the top of the card however, the TLC event leaves a little to be desired. Granted, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler may very well be able to steal the show yet again in an Intercontinental Championship match, and a Smackdown Live Women’s Championship Match between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch will likely deliver as well, there is far too much fluff on the card to really be taken seriously.

Granted, it doesn’t appear as if Monday Night Raw has exactly built their Road Block event in a way that should make it seem like more than a simple filler show, which these events seem to feel like more often than not.

On the top of that card it appears that Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens will be headlining the show.

Along with that it appears the WWE is beginning to transition into the end of the Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho team that has made for some of the more entertaining segments on television over the last six months or so.

They have teased it the last month and a half or so and while it remains to be seen how much longer Jericho’s current WWE run will last, but as it currently stands it looks like an Owens vs Jericho match is on the horizon. However it looks like a Jericho vs Seth Rollins match may be in the works for the Road Block event.

To close out what looks like to be the final marquee matchup for the event will be yet another Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship after Banks was able to defeat Charlotte on Monday Night Raw.  

While on paper neither event looks like it will blow anyone out of the water on paper, with matches like Owens vs Reigns and Styles vs Ambrose spearheading the two events they both have the potential to set the stage for what looks like to be an interesting build to the 2017 Royal Rumble and the Road to Wrestlemania 33.