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The Sideline Recap and Replay August 5th, 2016

Friday, August 5th marked the first ever episode of The SidelineRashan the Don and myself, Kellie Kellz have teamed up to bring the sexy back to sports.  We had a great run on Outside the Locker Room, but it was time for us to move on and bring the fire.

We started the show with breaking news of Russell Westbrook resigning with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  When asked by reporters if Kevin Durant choosing to go to the Golden State Warriors made him leaving, “Sting more,” Westbrook responded, “Sting more for who?”  We both agreed this was a perfect response for Westbrook and agreed he’s a great talent that is going to bring it on the team that he’s remained loyal to.  Could the MVP come to OKC this season?

Next on The Sideline, we got into Philadelphia Eagles training camp talk.  Attendance at the open practice was down by over half.  We got into why.  Not fifteen minutes into the new show, Rashan had to mention the name of his man crush, Ezekiel Elliot, runningback for the Dallas Cowboys.  We discussed the lack of personalities and sexiness on the current Eagles roster.  We discussed what we think of the current team as compared to last season’s team and much more.

Next topic was the Olympic Games and the Zika virus.  We discussed how much we love the Olympics, Hope Solo and her ignorant tweets, and gave our opinion on the media depiction of the Zika virus.  PSA from Kellie: if you’re pregnant or want to be pregnant, stay away from heavy mosquito areas.  If you’re not looking to get pregnant, check out some birth control!  Zika problem solved.

We had our first ever caller on The Sideline, Ralph.  Ralph is a die hard Eagles fan, and we got back into Eagles talk discussing expectations for the current season, current training camp news, and more.  Although he’s not in Philadelphia, Ralph always brings it in Eagles talk.

Next up was Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks, and his comments about NFL players staying silent on social issues and his call out of Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.  We discussed the difference between NFL players speaking out and NBA players.  Things got very passionate as we welcomed in our second caller, Bryce in Brooklyn.  Bryce turned this discussion into the issues sepearating black and white players in the NFL and called out to the white players to stand behind their friends and teammates.  Great call and great insight into this explosive issue.

We ended the show by welcoming in NBA leader, Austin Hutchinson to play a new game we concocted called Nailed It or Failed It.  The rules are, Rashan and I read a quote or tweet from the sports world from the week, the guest says if the person Nailed It or Failed It and why.  We then agree or disagree giving our reasons.  This weeks quotes came from Kevin White of the Chicago Bears and his analogy of Jay Cutler being a pretty girl, Skip Bayless on Russell Westbrook, Stephen A. Smith on the Dallas Cowboys and again on Chip Kelly, and Dez Bryant firing back on the media.  This quotes and tweets brought a lot of laughter and great responses, so check it out!  Unbeknownst to Austin, I was keeping score, he got a point every time we agreed with his initial opinion and we got a point every time we disagreed.  At the end, we were tied so we needed to bring a tie breaker into the mix, in a tie breaker anything goes, so Rashan pulled out Donald Trump recently kicking a baby out of his rally, as you can imagine, more laughter was had.  In overtime, your Sideline hosts pulled out the victory on our opening show.

Thank you to our listeners and we will be back every Friday from 6-8pm Eastern time to bring the sexy back to sports!  You can subscribe to our show on Blogtalkradio, TuneIn, Stitcher, or iTunes! 

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