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The Warning Track: MVPosey

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The Warning Track: Why Buster Posey is the best catcher in the MLB

It has been 8 straight years that Yadier Molina has won the Gold Glove for NL Catchers, and quite frankly in the last 3-4 years Buster Posey has deserved at least 2 of those Gold Gloves. Molina also has 4 Platinum Glove awards, which are awarded to the best defensive player in the league as voted by fans. Fans have become so accustomed to Molina being the premier catcher in baseball.

While one can not deny Molina’s claim to be one of the top 3 catchers in baseball all time. He is one of the few who can truly still call a game. Molina is irrefutabley one of the best catchers in baseball history. The numbers do not lie though as Buster Posey is arguably the best catcher in the MLB now. Posey has caught 3 no hitters putting behind Jason Varitek of the Red Sox and Carlos Ruiz of the Phillies. While you can not judge a catcher by the number of no hitters caught as they do usually need luck and great defensive plays, it’s hard to ignore the effect a catcher can have on a game.

The catcher is arguably the most important player on the defensive side of the game. Posey is an excellent example of this as he leads the Giants defense by example. Molina also exemplifies this trait as it could be argued that both teams would be missing their captain and biggest leader. Posey though is worth 1.6 Defensive Wins Above Replacement this season where as Molina is only worth 0.9 DWAR. Posey also has managed to throw out 26 of 68 baserunners for a 38% caught stealing on the season, and has a career caught stealing of  33% on his career, his numbers have increased in regards to the number of runners caught. Molina on the other hand is on a downward trend when it comes to throwing out runners mustering just a 23% caught stealing on the year, well off his career mark of 42%.

Posey has also proved to be one of the most vital pieces for the Giants World Series Teams as the years he has remained healthy the Giants usually make playoffs. Posey also leads with his bat as he is consistently around a .300 average with right around 20HR and 90RBI in a pitcher friendly home ball park. Molina sits around a .270 average with 5HR and 70RBI a season. Posey is one of the most productive catchers in the league at the plate with very few of those that can even keep up to him defensively. He currently ranks 3rd in Caught stealing the NL this year, as well as 4th in assists, 5th in putouts, 2nd in double plays turned, 4th in caught stealing %, and 2nd in fielding %.

I truly believe Posey is a better player than Yadier Molina right now. Prime Molina is one of the best catchers ever, and some wonder how Joe Mauer would stack up to Posey and Molina had he stayed behind the plate. Buster Posey deserves to be recognized as the best catcher in the game now, but will not be because of how awards are decided. Catchers are generally graded on their defensive prowess in which Molina as great as he was in his prime, is not the best current catcher in the league. Gold Gloves aren’t the best defensive indicator to me, but the Wilson Defensive Player Awards are the best barometer to measure defense. Posey will continue to lead by example and anchor one of the best defenses in baseball.