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There’s No Tying in Baseball!!

Tying Sean Scarmack/via Flickr


Cubs and Pirates finish in a Tie.

We have all seen the movie “League of their own” where Tom Hanks says the famous line, “There’s no Crying in Baseball.”  Well most of us also thought that there’s no tying in baseball either.  That is until Thursday night when that is exactly what happened in the Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates game.  Somewhere former Commissioner Bud Selig is turning off his ringer in hopes that no one asks him to comment on the tie (for those who remember the 2002 All-Star debacle).

On Thursday night the Cubs and Pirates would find themselves all knotted up at 1-1 with one out in the top of the sixth inning.  Suddenly the rains came and washed out any chance of the teams being able to finish.  That is when the game was suspended due to inclement weather.  Now this is where it gets interesting for most fans.  You see the Cubs have already clinched everything they could clinch and the Pirates have already been mathematically eliminated from the playoff picture.  Therefore, Major League Baseball declared the game to be a tie.

This is the first tie in the Major Leagues since June 30, 2005 in a game between the Astros and the Reds.  Some interesting facts about the game though.  Pirates starting pitcher Ivan Nova will go down in the books as pitching a complete game after only completing 5 1/3 innings.  Nonetheless it still shows as a complete game for him on the season.  All stats from the game will count, but the game will not be reflected on either teams season record.

There was one loser after tonight’s game though.  That would be the fans.  Normally if a game is postponed due to weather, fans are given the option to exchange their ticket for a ticket to another game at a later date.  However, because Major League Baseball declared this to be a complete game fans will not be allowed an option to trade for a different game.  Bummer for the Pirates fans but I guess someone has to lose.