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Three Positives About The Dallas Cowboys’ 2016 Season

Three Positives About The Dallas Cowboys' 2016 Season NFL PAUL MOSELEY VIA FLICKR


What Are Some Positives To Build On From Cowboys’ 2016 Season?

Once again, the Dallas Cowboys’ season ended in heartbreaking fashion. After earning the number one overall seed in the NFC, Dallas fell short in the divisional round. At the beginning of this season following the Tony Romo preseason injury, not much was expected from this Dallas team. The Cowboys were sitting there living through a nightmare that was all too familiar. There were some strong positives to take away from this season even though at first it didn’t seem like that would be possible.

The 2016 season started off with several question marks. No one knew what was to unfold or what the Cowboys had found in their 2016 draft. After watching Romo suffer yet another back injury, many thought the season was doomed. The fourth round draft selection for Dallas had other plans in mind and has changed the future of the franchise.

Key Positive Number One: Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott accomplished the unthinkable this season. After falling in the draft, it was never expected of Prescott to come in and play during the regular season for Dallas. However, his number was called early and he didn’t shy from the Dallas spotlight. Dak was named the starter for the 2016 season and the rest is history.

At first, the Dallas organization didn’t know how long Prescott would play. Fans questioned whether or not he should continue to start once Romo was ready to go. After winning 11 games in a row, Prescott had solidified his role as the starter as the Cowboys wanted to keep rolling with the rookie. He didn’t play like a rookie at all and displayed poise and great chemistry with his teammates.

The Cowboys have finally found their successor for Tony Romo. Dak Prescott is clearly the future in Dallas and will likely remain the starter from here on out. Cowboys fans have to be excited about how quickly Prescott got accustomed to the NFL. He quickly grew up and developed into a trustworthy player with great leadership skills.

What’s even more exciting about Prescott is how he performed in their playoff loss to the Packers. Prescott looked very comfortable and played incredible for a rookie. The bright lights of the NFL postseason didn’t phase him one bit and the franchise has found their future quarterback in Prescott. Prescott has so many positives as a player and the Cowboys fans have to be excited.

Key Positive Number Two: Ezekiel Elliott

The Cowboys approached this season with memories from 2014. They wanted to run the ball better than anyone else and it started in April of 2016. The Cowboys spent the fourth overall pick on Ezekiel Elliott. He showed several positives in his career at Ohio State and they simply couldn’t pass him up. They had built their outstanding offensive line for a reason and with a young running back in Elliott, the Dallas rushing game was going to be lethal.

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Elliott rushed for over 1,600 yards and averaged greater than five yards a carry as a rookie. He displayed elite speed, power, and patience as a rookie. The Cowboys had a vision when they selected him that early in the draft and it certainly paid off. The Cowboys will have a strong rushing attack for years to come with Elliott.

He really is the complete package when you evaluate the traits of an overall great running back. Elliott excels at picking up blitzes and blocking. He provides a threat in the passing game as well. Obviously he will be doing most of his damage on the ground, but it’s a bonus that he can contribute in multiple ways.

Key Positive Number Three: Wide Receivers

For years it’s seemed like the Cowboys have had one threatening option at the receiver position. Dez Bryant has been the go-to-guy every since he was drafted and for a good reason. He’s the bigger and physical guy out there. This year, with Romo out, Dak Prescott had to develop his own chemistry with the offensive weapons. This was the best thing to happen to the other receivers.

Fifth year wide receiver, Cole Beasley benefited the most. Beasley led the team in receptions with 75 as he set a new career high. He was involved more than ever this season and it made the Dallas offense more balanced. Romo often relied on constantly feeding Bryant, that he didn’t give his other weapons as many looks and they suffered to gain confidence or experience.

Terrance Williams logged 44 receptions off of 61 targets. He didn’t have huge numbers, but his name was called often when Dallas needed a play and Prescott found Williams in those situations. He averaged over 13 yards a catch as well. In fact, all three of the leading receivers averaged at least 11 yards a catch this season. The receivers gave Prescott windows to make throws down field.

Dak Prescott developed chemistry with each of his starting receivers and that’s great news for Dallas going forward. The offense gave the organization and fans plenty to look forward to. With two young rookies leading the way and growing together, and three experienced receivers, the future looks very bright for the Dallas Cowboys.