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Tom Luginbill Talks Signing Day and Recruiting Class in Conference Call

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Michigan, Penn State, and Miami lead conversation as Tom Luginbill talks signing day and recruiting class

As many young student-athletes across the country contemplate about what college that they will be attending, Tom Luginbill talks signing day and breaks down the recruiting class. For many young football players, signing day is a dream come true as they have all eyes on them, and millions of fans across the nation look on and hope the kids pick up that special hat.

Tom Luginbill specializes in recruiting as he is the National Recruiting Director at ESPN for high school football. His vast knowledge of youth football in the country helped clear up any questions about signing day and how it affects multiple programs. Many athletes have already made their decisions on where they will decide to go, and for those schools signing day is simply a formality. But for those schools who are still looking to land recruits, it could either be doomsday or a time for celebration.

The conversation opened up with questions about different programs from across the country. With the ACC becoming one of the premiere conference in college football once again, the competition for recruits has grown stronger. The University of Miami has already landed a few big time recruits under Mark Reicht that will help their program immensely in the near future, and Tom Luginbill talked about their current situation.

“I have felt that N’Kosi Perry the quarterback has been highly undervalued in recruiting circles or in terms of exposure. Now I don’t think he’s a college ready guy right now, he’s got an opportunity to have a very bright future. Very excited about the strides they’ve made within the offensive line, that was a real area of concern, and they need more numbers in terms of insuring depth. The greatest improvement to Miami’s football team over the last two years is the defensive front seven, including DJ Johnson out of California, and Deandre Wilder out of Carol City.”

The Big Ten Conference is getting tighter as Penn State is now coming back and gaining ground on Ohio State and Michigan. With latter two schools dominating the recruiting class, Luginbill still likes what he has seen from Penn State and believes that the recent success will only allow the school to reach a wider group of kids across the country. Luginbill commented on these schools and the improvement of Penn State over the last couple years.

“Both classes [Ohio State and Michigan] are certainly strong. They’ve been able to cast a wide net, and reach a lot of different positions across the board. Penn State in my opinion has made a climb, a top 15 class can be attributed to the performance on the field. Winning cures a lot of woes, and winning and recruiting go hand in hand. Keep in mind, Penn State is still in a position where they have a lot of areas of depth. Their talent is certainly positive and continues to grow, but they’re still trying to add sheer numbers to that roster to be able to compete year in and year out.”

Another conference that has shown great strides, especially in this past season, is the Pac-12. As one of the schools that is steadily falling out of the competition in the conference, Arizona State is looking to bounce back with an even stronger offensive attack in 2017. However, the defense was one of the worst in the nation in every category and there looks to be no answers in sight. We were able to ask Luginbill to address the state of the program, as well as comment on some talent coming in. Tom Luginbill talks signing day for Arizona State.

“Running back [Eno] Benjamin is a very talented kid. I think given a talent skill set is a get off the field type of guy. If you ask me what his physical tools are, and if he is going to get to play? Absolutely, and good enough to play I think as a freshman. With Blake Barnett, I don’t think anyone has questioned his physical ability or his physical traits. I think the criticism is that he chose to leave [high school] at the time that he left. And be honest with you, they need a lot of help on defense, this is a team that has really struggled. I don’t think theres a magic wand that can be waived and fix it overnight. I don’t see any high profile defensive ends or defensive tackle type help coming to the program here late down the stretch.”

As signing day approaches, college football fans can continue to get insight on recruiting classes as Tom Luginbill talks signing day and will be appearing on College Football Live on ESPN. Tom Luginbill will be on set as ESPN will host their Signing Day Special on February 1st, as many young athletes will make their final decisions that will mold the college football landscape for the future.