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Tony Gwynn’s Family Suing Tobacco Company

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Gwynn Family Suing Altria Group Inc.

Throughout Gwynn’s 20 year career, he used smokeless tobacco – which included his college days at San Diego State University circa 1977.

As he became a star at SDSU he gained national attention from baseball fans all around. Eventually, in professional baseball he was a superstar, making 15 All-Star game appearances.

Gwynn easily became one of the most looked up to players in baseball from young fans across the country. With all this influence on the youth of America tobacco companies wanted to use this influence to show off their products unofficially endorsed by Gwynn.

This is why the family of Gwynn is suing Altria Group Inc. for making Tony use the products in every game which eventually led to the cancer that killed him.

The lawsuit was filed by Gwynn’s son Tony Gwynn Jr., widow Alicia Gwynn, and daughter Anisha Gwynn-Jones in Superior Court in San Diego.

In my mind this case has no reason in a court room because Gwynn clearly knew that he had a major influence on the youth of America with his star power. He knew that kids would do whatever he did because he was considered “cool” to them. Smokeless tobacco clearly states on their packing that it could lead to cancer and potentially death. The case makes no sense because the tobacco companies didn’t make Tony use the tobacco, he chose to use it.

There’s no way I can see the Gwynn family coming up on top in this case if it ever does reach a courthouse due to the low amount of evidence and reason for Altria Group Inc. to have to pay up.