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TSJ 101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy 54: The Roman Reigns/Hillary Clinton Paradigm

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TSJ 101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy 54: The Roman Reigns/Hillary Clinton Paradigm

Good morning, dear readers, this is your favorite wrestling writer on TSJ101… Or, your only wrestling writer? Gregory Black, and I am here to bring you yet another wonderfully thought provoking edition of TFTCG, Thoughts From The Chubby Guy. Yes, yet another entry without roman numerals, and before I go on, I would like to address something.

I have been a part of the TSJ family for about a year and a few months, and in that time, we have had our ups and downs with this site: from writers who showed promise, but didn’t live up to the hype, to random errors from our servers, to an attack on the site itself, and everything in between. And I have to say that in it has been the kind of stuff that would drive any normal person insane, well, maybe not insane, more annoyed, than anything else, but, as you can see from where we are now, it hasn’t deterred me. Or this writing team, in fact, it has inspired us to work harder than we ever have, to make things work out in the long run for us.

It’s why we have the new design, the changes to social media outlets, and why we are still around. There are things going on right now that when they finally do happen, will make everyone’s heads explode… Not literally, but, you get the gist of what I mean.

We here at care about our readers, we don’t try to dumb anything down, we don’t try to insult our readers’ intelligence, we give you the cold hard facts, with a bit of opinion thrown in there (when it’s appropriate, of course), and thus why this article has been running strong for almost a year, itself.

I try to give you an “every man” kind of opinion with each article; a mix of youthful ambition, with a bit of a conventional approach at life, amongst other things. And, while I hear great things from the editors of the site, I don’t necessarily do this for any praise, this is my means to speak my peace, as I have said in other articles, but, I am also aware that just as easily as I have been granted the opportunity to write these opinion pieces, I can just as easily be denied the chance to do so, as well.

So, I thank all of you for making this article such a success, and look forward to keeping you entertained with my honest look at life, sports and everything in between. I promise not to stray from doing what I do, you can trust me on that one. And, in keeping that promise, here goes one of my political posts, folks, and if you are a wrestling fan, then you are definitely going to understand where I will be going with this one, because I will be talking about two people, one is a politician who is currently running for the highest seat in the country, while the other person is the current reigning World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE.

Of course, I am speaking about Hillary Clinton, and Roman Reigns.

Now, I know what you all may be thinking: “Greg, how can the former First Lady/Secretary of State have ANYTHING to do with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? The comparison would be ludicrous, at best!” But, it actually isn’t, allow me to explain.

If you have been following the political race for the Democratic Presidential nomination, then you will have heard the stories of how Hillary and the DNC have been trying to railroad Senator Bernie Sanders from becoming the nominee. While Hillary Clinton has won some states without controversy, in some of the bigger states, she has won due to some underhanded apparent tactics, from voter registration violations, to showing up at polling sites, which automatically disqualify those sites where they appeared at.

And Clinton supporters, for the life of me, continue to look at her as if she is the golden standard for what a good politician is, and continuously turn a blind eye to any of the tactics that she does, considering them as fair play tactics, which… They aren’t.

While that goes on, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is the chair of the Democratic National Committee, has done her own bit of dirty work for her good friend Hillary, with whom she has co-chaired Ms. Clinton’s original 2008 Presidential run against Barack Obama, has tried her best to make it difficult for the Sanders campaign, going on television to try and derail him publicly, calling on those in the media with whom she is close with to, so that way he would get less media coverage, hell, if she could go door to door just to try and persuade voters not to vote for Sanders, she more than likely would do so.

And, the DNC have tried to coerce Sanders supporters into rallying behind Hillary, to no real avail. It has gotten to the point where the desperation can be seen in even their emails, to which I receive (as I was originally following her on social media and subscribed to her via email, when she was still Junior Senator in New York). Every day, it is a new email asking for donations, and from her camp, it is basically the same. Truth be told, I ignore most of them because unlike most who do donate to political parties, I actually worry more about my bills than my candidates, even though I have been donating here and there to the Sanders campaign.

But, the way that the DNC have been trying to convince Sanders supporters to rally behind her is very similar to the way that the WWE has been trying to get the majority of the WWE Universe behind Roman Reigns. The similarities are actually quite an eye opener.

Alright, like Clinton, Reigns had a bit of buzz behind him going into his singles run, due to his time with his old stable The Shield, as I have stated in a previous TFTCG about Reigns, he was the powerhouse that rounded out a team that was part brawling, part high flying, and part muscle. He had a lot of people vying for him to be a champ back in 2014, when, in that year’s edition of the Royal Rumble match, he was one of the final two in the match, where he went head to head with Batista. Everyone there originally wanted to see Daniel Bryan win it, and go on to WrestleMania, but, when he got eliminated, the fans were, needless to say, disappointed.

But, as Shield members started to join the fray, fans got overly excited, and with good reason, The Shield was almost as popular with the fans as Bryan, and whether it was Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins or Reigns, the fans would pop with life. With Ambrose and Rollins eliminated, Reigns lasted until the end, when Batista eliminated him, and secured a match at Mania. Again, fans were disappointed.

After that, the WWE would not push Reigns for almost a year or so, and in that time, they really didn’t do much with him. But, when they FINALLY decided to push Reigns, the push left such a bad taste in the mouths of the WWE Universe, Reigns’ faults as a performer were showing big time, he couldn’t speak on the mic, he had a very limited arsenal of moves, he was, essentially, just a guy with a look. Not to mention that many in the wrestling community felt that he had only really gotten his spot because of his family ties, he is a part of the A’noai family, he’s The Rock‘s little cousin. He was big, had TV good looks, but not many moves, which reminded many in the WWE Universe of someone else that they didn’t like.

He reminded everyone of John Cena.

Which is hilarious to say, when you soon realize that he is in line to become their next Cena; he has the build up of being the new Superman of the company, so much so, that he even has a “Superman Punch” as his finisher. He is now a three time champion, he is always front and center on all promotional materials, and, if you want to get into storylines, he is always the guy to go and face off against the biggest and toughest of baddies in the company. Much like Cena did early on in his run, and at times currently.

Reigns, for everything that the WWE has tried to do with him, as not been able to reach a good number of those in the WWE Universe the way the company wishes that he could, a lot of the fans feel that he is basically being forced on them, that the company is trying to force them to like him. And, it might not necessarily be the case, but, to them, it feels like it is. And that is scary, because if you are someone who doesn’t like Reigns or Hillary Clinton, the feeling of being force fed both a politician and a wrestler can be a major turn off.

Me? I won’t lie, for all of his faults, I personally like him, he does need more time to grow (even though he is the current champ), but, it shows that he is athletically gifted, at least. Now, does that mean that if Sanders doesn’t win the nomination, that I would back Hillary in November? No. Because of the fact that I have researched all of the accusations, and I have read about her dealings with big budget companies, and many of the things that she has done and said actually make me question her more than trust her.

Reigns may not be the greatest wrestler in the world, but him lacking in some skill isn’t going to bring down the entire wrestling business, let alone the WWE, however, if Clinton does what she has done in the past, should she get into office, she could bring the entire nation to its knees. And that is something that does worry me.

Maybe it is just my nature to worry about others, but, with the way the current field of the political race appears, we are literally standing between a rock and a hard place with Clinton and Trump. Not so much with Reigns and Rollins, Rollins has worked with him in the past, so, for them, they will give the fans a great feud in these next few months. The professional wrestling/sports entertainment world is safer than the country, honestly.

But, that is just how I see. Interestingly enough, when I present this comparison to others, those who actually watch wrestling are surprised not only by the fact that someone said it, but also by the fact that is one of the truest comparisons you can make. The DNC and Hillary Clinton to the WWE and Roman Reigns is one that is too close to make, and too perfect to deny.

And with that, my friends, I leave you with this, whether its sports or politics, or any part of life, you have to go with your gut, because sometimes, somethings will seem right in your head, but there are those times where while something seems right to you mentally, your gut will tell you otherwise. When those times happen, your gut is usually the one whose right. Not saying to not trust yourself, do trust yourself, but always go with your gut. And I am going to go with my gut and go to bed, because I have got to go to work in a few hours, hehehe.

So, as always, I thank all of you for taking your time in not only reading my ramblings and thoughts, but also for reading all of the awesome work that this spectacular writing team puts out for all of you on a daily basis. All of which, you can only find HERE, on For the rest of the team, this is Gregory Black, wishing you a great day, an easy going rest of your week, and a very relaxing weekend.

Until next time, dear readers.

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