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TSJ 101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy 59: America And The Olympic Identity

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TSJ 101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy 59: America And The Olympic Identity

Hello, dear readers, it’s been quite awhile, I know, this is your favorite “missing in action” wrestling writer, Gregory Black, here to bring you yet another edition of your favorite morning coffee/lunchtime/dinnertime read, “Thoughts From The Chubby Guy”. And my, oh my, have these last few weeks been rather hectic.

My daytime job has had me quite busy, as of late, so much so, that I’ve not only been unable to maintain my duties here on TSJ101, but also have had a bit of trouble taking care of other things in my personal life, as well.

Besides that, over barely been able to keep up with the wrestling and MMA news, which contributes to what I have stated earlier on. Phew, needless to say, I’m looking forward to the second half of my vacation coming up at the end of the week.

As I get ready to head to wrestling practice, yes, I’m still going for it, folks, I want to share what I’ve had on my mind in the last week. So, I’ve recorded it, yep, another video recording by yours truly, and in this recording, I talk the Olympics, more precisely, reactions to US gold medalist Simoné Manuel’s speech after winning her gold, and also how some Americans are wrong in feeling that Puerto Rican Olympic gold medalist Monica Puig’s gold should be counted as an American gold medal win.

I hope that all of you enjoyed the video, and that it not only inspires conversation, but also made all of you look at your sports heroes as more than just athletes, but also as normal individuals who strived for success through hard work and dedication.

Until next time, you wonderful people, this is Gregory Black, wishing you a great day, a wonderful rest of your week, and a very, very relaxing weekend. Have a good one, dear readers.

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