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TSJ 101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy “L”: Team Morale


TSJ 101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy “L”: Team Morale

Good morning/afternoon/evening, dear readers, this is your favorite wrestling writer/opinion columnist, Gregory Black, here to bring you another wonderful edition of “Thoughts From The Chubby Guy”, or TFTCG, for short. Well, you know? I have been writing this opinion piece for the better part of nine months now, and these articles have ranged from silly to serious, sports to politics, life and death, and in that time, I feel as if I have changed, not for the worse, obviously, but, because of writing this article, I have had a very positive outlet in which to convey some of my deepest thoughts.

It’s weird, because in a sense, this is like a therapist session, only, instead of talking to someone, I am typing out my thoughts and opinions, and instead of a couch, I’m sitting at a table, usually with a water bottle next to me, and some music of some form playing in the background. Not for ambiance, but, because I seem to function better with music.

I thought, with this being the 50th edition of this opinion piece, I would stay within the confines of sports, but, in describing something that can easily be put to real life. Of course, I speak of team morale.

Okay, the weather is getting warmer, and around this time, you may see registration notices for baseball and football leagues popping up here and there, if you are a parent, or, if you play these games yourself, then this is something that may actually catch your eye, or your relatives eyes, and that is a good thing. See, here is something I have always believed, sports like baseball, basketball, hockey, football, soccer, any real sport that requires groups to play on one side or the other, are usually great forms of social bonding.

And in this day and age of social media and with the advancement of video games, it seems like less and less kids are learning these all important life lessons, because to them, team play typically comes at the end of a controller, console and the internet (lag, be damned). And that… Quite honestly, is sad. When I was younger, not to sound old or anything, video games were fun and all, but, my friends and I still went out and played sports. Handball, basketball, football, whiffleball, wrestling (okay, okay, this was obviously before we went to wrestling school, yes, we backyard wrestled too, heh), there really wasn’t an end to the physical activities we took part in, we usually saved the video games for afterwards, when we were done with the physical games, and wanted to just chill.

But, with rampant reports of childhood obesity having come out in the last few years, it is a concern, or it should be a concern to parents and school officials. Am I saying that parents should disconnect their kids from the video games and social media? No, absolutely not, because video games, despite what some may believe, are a positive outlet for kids to get their aggressions out, and can help with learning problem solving skills that will be important to them later on in life. That, and it has been proven to fight Alzheimer’s Disease, so, no, do not take the games away from the kids, what you should do is encourage your kids to go out with their friends, have adventures and create their stories. This is easily one way to team build, as friends become compatriots, and compatriots become family.

Oh, and if you have been keeping up with childhood obesity reports, it seems to have gone down in upwards of 49%, if I’m not mistaken. I could be wrong on the exact percentage, but, hey, it’s better than it’s been in the last couple of years, so, that is a victory we can all appreciate.

But, getting back to the subject at hand, league sports encourage the concept that the team that plays the hardest together, will win the biggest, and by far, this is true, for example, look at the Golden State Warriors, who just last night set the new single season record for wins with 73 victories to tout and brag about. Do you think that only Stephen Curry did that? No, he was certainly a major contributor to their wins, but, it was the team as a cohesive unit that not only secured that victory, but also broke and set a new record in the NBA. Something that, until another team gets that good, may only be broken by the very same team to set it.

Man, this artist RJD2 is nice, I dig this instrumental track he has:

It isn’t just that, but, when a team works together, they build a rapport with each other, their morale grows, it develops as the team gels, and the more that a team plays together, the closer that bond will be. Look at the TSJ 101 crew, for example, yes, we all have our focuses, you have writers just for football, some just for hockey, baseball, soccer, racing, wrestling (wink wink), and so on, but, we all have a common goal, and that is to bring you the news and inside stories that you love.

And, like any team, we troll each other when talking teams, like when Big C was here writing for us, he was the huge Chicago Bulls fan, Ms. Kellie is a Cavs fan, I’m a Knicks fan… Hush, I know you’re chuckling at the screen, don’t think I don’t know that. And yes, there are more members to the team, haha, but, I only mentioned two for the example, folks.

Anyhoo, whether it was basketball, football, baseball, didn’t really matter the sport, we rag on each other, sometimes light-heartedly, other times, it would be relentless, short lived, but, relentless, nonetheless. Thus, well, “ThaSportsJunkies101”, if you wondered about the name. But, we have our team meetings, which since we are often away from each other covering the news, or, just life, are at times done by conference call. Hey, life, what can I say?

But, when you join any kind of sport, you build camaraderie with those who you work with, those you train with, those who you play with, and in some cases, those you play against, and whether you win or lose, it’s not an individual loss, it’s a lesson that the team learns together, a lesson that they can build off of, and grow from.

This is why I say to you parents and guardians, if you have a child, try to encourage them to join a team sport, or just join a program that they can interact with people of their own age, because while they may or may not wish to take part in it, they’ll benefit from it in the long run, and one day, may even thank you for it.

Well, dear readers, this is where I have to finish this, I have to run, but, I do hope that my opinion today may have sparked some thoughts of your own and inspired you to work towards your goals, whether on your own, or as part of a unit. You will reach your goals, but sometimes, you may need more than just yourself to achieve some things to reaching the inevitable.

And with that, I thank you, dear readers, not only for reading my thoughts and opinions, and making this article a success, but also for choosing us, for all of your sports news and media. Ladies and gentlemen, for the TSJ101 family, this is Gregory Black, wishing you a wonderful day, a relaxing rest of your week, and a blissful weekend. See you again, folks.

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