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TSJ 101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXXVI: There Is No Chubby Guy, There Is Only Zuul


TSJ 101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXXVI: There Is No Chubby Guy, There Is Only Zuul

Good morning, dear readers, this is your friendly neighborhood wrestling writer and aficionado, Gregory Black, and I’m here to bring to you yet another edition of your favorite weekly read….okay, probably not your favorite. I dunno, you might like to read the instruction manual for your fridge, I dunno, BUT, I am here to bring you another lovely edition of TFTCG.

Now, if you guys got the hint of the title, you can guess what I am watching, as I type this lovely piece, the original Ghostbusters, not the remake, which is coming up in July. Truth be told, I saw the trailer, and it looked alright, but, as a purist, I am a little sceptical, not because of the female cast, but, because…it’s a reboot. Honestly, I don’t know what it is about Hollywood these days, but, there seems to be no originality left in tinsel town.

Picked this baby up on Tuesday, oh yeah, love the classics!

Picked this baby up on Tuesday, oh yeah, love the classics!

The story of Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore is timeless by itself, as, I guess you can consider them, defenders of humanity, chasing and capturing ghosts to protect the people of New York City made it an instant classic. Because, even though it was a comedy, it was also a love story, a story of personal growth, and the true development of friendship and family. The family consisting of Venkman, Stantz and Spengler grew once Zeddemore joined the team. With Janine Melnitz as the whimsical, sarcastic secretary, which rounded the group together nicely.

The team faced a mad spectral librarian, Slimer, Gozer, and finally, the traveller, which came in the form of the “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man”, while fending off Walter Peck, who was trying to investigate the team, their methods of handling the paranormal situations, and whether or not they their methods (and ghost containment unit) are environmentally safe. All the while, guessing the actions of Ivo Shandor. Long story short, they save the city (and thus, the world) by doing what they said was a very dangerous thing to do, in crossing the streams (they proton energy blasts produced by their proton packs).

By reversing the polarity of the protons that were coming out of the doorway to the other realm, they…blew up the top of a building, fried the Marshmallow Man, and saved humanity. Humans – 1, evil entities -0, and everyone rejoiced…for a couple of years.

Man, every time I watch that film, I feel like a little kid again, then again, it came out when I was two, so, there’s that. Part 2 took place five years after the first film, and, well, when I say they upped the ante on the story, hilarity, and danger, they really went for the throat. But, I’m not going to go into the second movie, because, as I am sure, most of you guys have seen the movie, and if you haven’t, I suggest that you do, before seeing the new adventures of the new team, consisting of Jillian Holtzman (Egon), Erin Gilbert (Venkman), Abby Yates (Stantz) and Patty Tolan (Zeddemore).

Now, when I first heard of the remake, I cannot lie, I was disappointed, because of the fact that I felt like Hollywood was essentially stepping on my childhood like they did with Transformers and, most recently, TNMT. I, like many other old school fans, were looking forward to a third instalment to the original series, a true finale, so to speak, bringing along a new generation of Ghostbusters, passing the torch, you can say.

My brother-in-law Gory (R.I.P. bro) actually thought that they should have gone the route of bringing it full circle, having Oscar (Dana’s biological son) be the new Venkman, along with a younger sibling, and two or three more members for the new team. And that, if they were to go the route of an all-female team, that they would become a part of the new squad, but, also be a stand alone series all of it’s own.

BUT, that isn’t the kind of thing Hollywood would do on it’s own, and Harold Ramis (Egon, R.I.P.) was set to get part 3 done, but, unfortunately, he passed away before it could be done. So, I suppose Hollywood decided to go with the new idea, which was to make a female centred version of the original, and, well, in seeing that it not only got the blessing of members of the original cast, but, it was also produced by Dan Aykroid and Ivan Reitman, well, I guess as a fan, I have to at least give it a look.


I mean, if they have the blessing and backing of the people responsible of the original, then they must have some great faith in this new project. And as fans of the old series, shouldn’t we at least give it a chance? I don’t know, I know I can’t speak for any of you, but, for myself, I have said that I will more than likely go to see it in the theaters, besides, between work and…work, I don’t really get to go out as often as I’d like. Night jobs don’t give much of a window for a real social life. Yeah.

But, I do get to go out, and I like to head to some sporting events, as well as visiting local sports bars, to be amongst fellow fans, and enjoy a nice brew now and again. Yep, it’s not much, but, it’s pretty fun, for the little bit of fun there is to be had. Speaking of games, good win by The Knicks last night, blowing out The Suns in Phoenix, showing some semblance of moxxy and fight in their play, with their smallest lead being 13 points, but, pulling out the victory by as much as 30+ points.

ANYWAY, I know I have basically fanboyed over the Ghostbusters franchise, but, you wonderful people reading my article know that when I type here, I’m as brutally honest as humanly possible, and that is just the way I am. The way I have always been. The way it will always be, in every TFTCG, which you can only find HERE…on

Well, enough of my rambling, ladies and gentlemen, kind and dear readers, I, as always, thank you, for taking your time in reading my opinions, and not only in reading my articles, but, also in reading the awesome work that this wonderful writing staff does in bringing you the first rate news that only this crew can bring you. So, in closing, I want to wish you all a safe day, a wonderful weekend, and hope that you have plenty of time relaxing and recharging for the upcoming week.

Until next time, dear readers, this is Gregory Black, saying have a great day.

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