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TSJ 101 Will Romo Be A Cowboy In 2017?

Romo's future in Dallas is a question mark JONATHAN FOSTER VIA FLICKR


Does Tony Romo Have A Future With Dallas?

The man, the myth, the legend; Dallas‘ beloved football star, Tony Romo has an uncertain future with the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and the Dallas Cowboys organization have decided to roll with Dak Prescott as their staring quarterback for the remainder of the 2016 season. Whether that’s the correct decision or not, the fact of the matter is it’s happening. For the time being Romo has been replaced with the rookie in which Dallas drafted this past spring. None of this was planned, however reality hits hard sometimes, and Tony Romo has accepted the team’s decision to continue their 2016 campaign with the young Dak Prescott.

The basic numbers and facts point to a future exit out of Dallas for Romo. He will account for over twenty million in cap next season and it’s highly unlikely Dallas would want to pay a backup that kind of money. He will likely see some possible trade scenarios or be cut from the team. This is the black and white observation of the matter and a realistic view on what could potentially take place following the 2016 season.

This particular subject is a difficult one to grasp for life long Cowboys fans everywhere, but especially myself. Being a college student, my entire childhood was spent following and rooting for Tony Romo every single year since he took over in 2006. He’s been the quarterback of this football team for over a decade and has poured his life and soul into the game for the franchise. He has sustained numerous injuries throughout his career and has given fans something special to appreciate over a lifetime. He’s the kind of guy everyone respects and looks up to, not only as football player, but as a person. Tony Romo truly is an inspiration to myself and football fans everywhere. Throw away all the negative moments or let downs. Romo is a once in a lifetime talent and he will never be forgotten.

This is a guy who went undrafted and made a superstar of himself. Romo has passed for over 34,000 yards with 247 touchdowns. He owns nearly every single Cowboys quarterback record in a franchise that has seen Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. Those two players have five super bowl trophies between them and are in the NFL Hall Of Fame. Romo has always been the ultimate competitor and willing to do whatever it took to win. A game I will never forget was against the San Francisco 49ers where Romo showed his true passion and sacrificed himself for the team. He suffered two fractured ribs and a punctured lung and ended up staying in the game to lead a comeback victory over the 49ers. Many guys wouldn’t have the guts to go out there and play the violent game of football with those injuries.

Personally, I feel the Cowboys are wrong with their decision. Yes, they are winning with Dak as their quarterback, but he’s not THE reason why they are winning. He has played out of his mind for a rookie, but this Cowboys team is different. They are playing well in every single phase of the game, something Romo never had the benefit of. The Cowboys are finishing games with strong defense and an unbelievable running attack. Romo has never had a reliable defense in his time with Dallas. Prescott has been put in the best possible situation and it’s why he’s succeeding.

Romo is the guy who can actually put Dallas over the top. It’s not about what he can do physically that makes me believe he’s the guy. The mental part of the game is so underrated. Romo’s ability to control the game with his knowledge of defensive looks and coverages gives them an edge. He has mastered the chess match that is played inside the game. The chess match is at the line of scrimmage. He can break down any defensive look and change the call to a better one. The offense would be able to open up many more options and looks.

With all this being said, Prescott is the guy and he has made the future unclear for Romo. Romo could possibly stay on after this season, but it’s simply not logical or realistic to expect. He’s owed too much compensation for what he would be providing. It’s highly likely he will be in a different uniform come the 2017 season. We still have a second half to this season and there’s no telling whether or not the Cowboys will need Romo to play.

Tony’s time with this organization has been nothing short of remarkable, considering from where Romo started in the league. He was a young guy out of Eastern Illinois who simply loved the game of football. He was given a chance on Monday Night Football back in 2006 and has provided America’s franchise with timeless memories. His legacy isn’t over, but his time with Dallas is running out and soon could be. Tony Romo will forever be my quarterback and the guy I envision entering the ring of honor when I look back on my favorite Cowboys memories.