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The Madness: Is Jenkins the new Brian Dawkins?

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As “The Madness” continues to grow, more opportunities to better the show come with it. In this weeks episode, your host Rob Langi launches a new way to hear all of the madness. Rob will be recording his podcasts in a LIVE RADIO STUDIO!! To start this new true podcast, Rob is here with a 45-minute podcast of just him and you!

  • Rob will dive into the 6-1 Birds and how impressive it has been
  • Is Malcolm Jenkins appreciated enough in this town? Rob dives into the question: Is Jenkins the new Brian Dawkins?
  •  The injury bug put a major dent in the Eagles plans this week. How will they respond?
  • Is Carson Wentz an MVP? Is he the QB this city deserves??

Tune in to the new and improve Madness this Wednesday & every Wednesday. EMBRACE THE MADNESS!


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