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LISTEN — The Madness: Fans Overreaction, Matt Lombardo, NFC & AFC South

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The Madness: Fans Overreaction, Matt Lombardo,

NFC & AFC South

Guest: Matt Lombardo & Jim Wyatt

Rob cannot wait to get on the air Wednesday (LIVE AT 7:30PM EST) to calm the Delaware Valley down. A lot has been discussed over the last week, following the Eagles preseason game against the Bills. Rob will give his insight as well as some guests on the state of the Eagles:

  •  Rob will welcome from Matt Lombardo to the show to discuss possible cuts and what to expect in Game 3 of the preseason from the Eagles.
  • Rob will also continue his divisional breakdown with both the NFC and AFC South this week. Joining the show for this segment is, Titans reports Jim Wyatt.
  • Late last night Kyrie Irving went to Boston & Isaiah Thomas amongst others went to Cleveland. Rob will discuss

Tune in Wednesday night from 7:30-9:00 PM eastern time, at and EMBRACE THE MADNESS!!!

Call in to speak with the host (516) 531-9817


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